january 13, 2016

Rep. Salmon Applauds IRS Sudden Reversal on Attempts to Intimidate Charitable Donors

Withdrawal of Proposal Comes After Salmon Introduced Bill to Bar Action

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) today released the following statement upon hearing that the IRS planned to withdraw a proposed rule that would have chilled charitable contributions and allowed IRS intimidation of donors.

In the wake of the IRS’ sickening targeting of American taxpayers based on their political affiliations, the agency recently announced they planned to force charities to collect the Social Security numbers of individuals who donated more than $250 in a single year.  I introduced legislation immediately that would’ve statutorily protected taxpayers from being forced to provide their Social Security numbers when they make charitable donations to nonprofits.

I’m happy to report that the IRS has backed down from their proposal to harass hardworking and generous Americans. I’m also pleased that an agency with a track record of persecuting viewpoints that its leadership doesn’t agree with will no longer try to collect information on which taxpayers are donating to which organizations.  We all know how that would’ve turned out.  This situation ended well, but I’ll keep watching the IRS to protect America’s taxpayers from an untrustworthy agency.”