By Linda Bentley | january 6, 2016

Former Army Specialist Michael New files for honorable discharge

‘Can American soldiers be forced to serve a foreign power? Do we raise our children to become mercenaries for a New World Order?

IREDELL, Texas – Former Army Specialist Michael New, who Sonoran News has written about on more than one occasion, has filed an application with the Army Board of Corrections for Military Records requesting his bad conduct discharge be upgraded to honorable discharge.

It’s been over 20 years now since New, while serving in the 3rd Infantry Division, reported for formation in Schweinfurt, Germany wearing the authorized U.S. Army Battle Dress Uniform with a U.S. flag on his right shoulder and a green cap on his head.

Out of the 550 soldiers in that formation, New stood out as the only soldier not wearing a baby-blue scarf, a blue ball cap and a United Nations patch on his right shoulder.

Although everyone else in formation was wearing an unauthorized uniform, reporting to an unconstitutional officer (Finish Brigadier General Jehu Engstrom) and getting ready to embark on an illegal deployment into Macedonia as part of Operation Able Sentry, New was court-martialed for his “crime.”

With a sworn oath of loyalty to the United States Constitution, New’s objection to wearing the United Nations uniform was that he joined the United States Army, not the United Nations Army with an allegiance to the United Nations Charter.

New is the only American ever convicted of the “crime” of enlisting in the military to serve his own country, exclusively.

Even at the age of 22, New understood the United Nations’ push for one-world government.

Unless it’s overturned, either in court or by legislation, the ruling has established a precedent whereas no member of the U.S. military may refuse to serve the United Nations if ordered to do so.

Herb Titus, New’s lead attorney, says there was “prosecutorial misconduct undermining New’s efforts to prove that order was unlawful by denying access to classified documents.”

Titus claims errors by the Army both prior to and during New’s court-martial should justify correcting his discharge even at this late date.

New, a native of Conroe, Texas, is now 42 years old and works as an IT consultant in the Houston area.

For decades, New and his father Daniel have asked, “Can American soldiers be forced to serve a foreign power? Do we raise our children to become mercenaries for a New World Order?” and stated, “American sovereignty hangs in the balance.”