JANUARY 6, 2016 | BY Marielle D. Marne

No job too small for handiest man, Jon Nyren


Whether you own your home or rent a condo, it’s always handy to know a handyman. With a new year upon us, there’s also likely a list of chores that didn’t get crossed off or one for tasks to be done. If any of those scenarios ring true, give Jon Nyren a call. He may be new to Arizona (having moved from Connecticut in Aug. 2015) but he has 30 years of experience under his tool belt.

“This is the type of work I was meant to do,” he explained. “I can’t imagine not doing it, and I often tell people they are not going to find another contractor who cares about their house like I do.”

It’s not simply lip service and his clients know it. Because he dots all the proverbial I’s and crosses all the T’s, his success was buoyed by word of mouth referrals. Nyren does everything from major kitchen and bath remodels to drywall patching, painting, changing out light fixtures, irrigation repairs and “I’ve even been contracted to build a doghouse,” he added. Nyren wanted to remind folks, with the new year, remember to change HVAC filters and put in fresh batteries in your smoke detectors. Start 2016 not only safe but efficient! If you can’t or don’t want to be bothered with batteries or filters, Nyren offers his services. Because he’s reestablishing his handyman business in Arizona, customers can likely hire him sooner than later. No matter how busy he gets, however, Nyren said he’ll always make time for emergency calls. “If your faucet goes bad and is flooding your kitchen, I’ll be there,” he assured.

Nyren has helped his brother, who lives in Fountain Hills, with similar work over the past nine years, so despite being a new resident, Nyren has resources to solve all problems. For instance, while Nyren can patch roof leaks, he doesn’t remove and replace roofs, but he certainly can recommend people who can. If you’re not sure if Nyren can tackle a task, give him a call at 480-353-6469 and ask! He’s helpful, personable, competent and truly does care.