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December 30, 2015


The Year 2016:  Overview, Part I

Uranus/Pluto square
The ten year archetypal battle in the sky is among Power, vs. Social Justice, vs. The sovereign rights of the individual.  This is symbolic of the birth of the Aquarian Age.  It is a quarrel that lasts for much of this decade at multiple levels.  Uranus and Pluto are no longer tightly square, but they are highlighted every time one of the inner planets gets in their way.  Two weeks after the Equinoxes and Solstices will be prime time for sparks.  Events of a sudden nature will occasionally create havoc when this pair is triggered.  Isis  tends to be prominent when these planets are crossed, but the sudden changes are also personal.  The Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, have been and continue to be disturbed by these struggles.

Neptune square Saturn
One particularly powerful message for this year urges us to use our ingenuity and creativity to replace something important that was lost during 2015.  Almost everyone has lost something they always thought would be there, something that we have taken for granted, such as physical health, a career, and/or people we thought would be “forever” in our lives.  A vacancy has been created for which we may still grieve, while knowing all the while that the loss “was meant to be”.   It is recognizable by the feeling that the sand is being sucked out from beneath your feet at a beachfront.  Trying to maintain the past is impossible.  Don’t go there because it will suck out the energy from your life today.  Let it go in peace.

Throughout 2016 we will engage in recovery.  Don’t expect the loss  to be replaced in like kind.  We are meant to find one or more creative ways to fill the gap.  In some situations, we may discover that the missing piece was actually something we have been holding onto for too long.  We will recognize that by admitting the relief we feel that we don’t have to maintain it any longer.  The Ego does not let go easily, but if we take a good look at our reality, we tend to support various structures in our lives, just because they are there and give the Ego a sense of pride or ownership.

Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn will spend the whole year in Sagittarius.  The sign rules global communications, including the Internet,  religious institutions and beliefs, laws, and distance travel.  Saturn is a planet that will challenge any of these themes throughout 2016 and 2017.  Tremendous work will be required on some of the main thoroughfares in countries.  Water damage may undermine the substructure of highway and bridge footings.  At worst, there may be damage to the undersea cables that support world communications.  It is possible that international travel will be curtailed by many due to the potential disruptions.  Meanwhile, many “laws of the land” will be eroded by those with deceptive motives.

Mars Retrograde
In April Mars begins a retrograde path that will continue through the end of June with effects that last through mid-August.  It starts in Sagittarius, travels through the latter degrees of Scorpio, and returns to its starting place in mid-August.  Historically, those who draw a sword or attempt to expand power during these periods eventually find it turned against themselves.   In our personal lives we are well advised to avoid extending our boundaries or initiating "war" on any front. The defendant, not the aggressor, will win in any conflict as long as the god of war moves backward and it doesn't matter how big or right the initiator may be. When Mars is retrograde we are well advised against  filing suit, hunting for game or opting for elective surgery (a different type of sword).  However, we must plan to duck for cover beginning In mid-August when Mars in direct motion joins a direct Saturn in Sagittarius.  Both will be square to Neptune at that time.  That looks like a prime moment for the beginning of war(s) which are started by so-called accident and misunderstandings between countries.

Mercury’s Retrogrades
Mercury’s travels are always interesting.  During 2016 four of these will occur.  The first is in Capricorn from Jan. 5 –25.  The next follows between April 28 and direct on May 22.  Then again on August 30 – Sept. 22.  And lastly, Dec 19 until the year’s end.  Mercury is so close to us that retrogrades do create challenges (mostly minor).  There is an approximate 10 day time on either side of the specific dates given above in which effects are showing.

While this planet is in retrograde motion we experience frequent changes of plans and schedule. The old teachings, often authoritarian, tell us never to begin anything important while Mercury is retrograde because our plan won't turn out as desired.  Personally, I hope this year’s particular Mercury retrogrades will serve the purpose of keeping countries and people under control.  “Hesitation” is a good thing during this period when relationships are so challenged.

During the Mercury retrograde periods, communications often go awry and routine schedules are tossed in the air like a deck of cards.  If we were in touch with the true message of this phenomenon, we would arrange for a long siesta, a period of rest and reflection.  Since most of us are not, we experience delays and complications in such things as meetings, travel, contracts, and paperwork.  A sense of humor is our best tool.

Check back next week for Part II, the horoscopes for individual signs.

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