pet news

DECEMBER 30, 2015

Badgers that just wanted to play

Badgers are animals that we don't normally see at Southwest Wildlife. Well this year we received two badger youngsters  that needed a helping hand!

Courtesy photo from SW Wildlife

One day two sibling badgers were playing a game of tag right near a busy road. Luckily, someone noticed this and gave SWCC a call. The badgers were brought to us where they received a health check up and a nice meal. Attempts were made to go back to the original area that they were found at and capture the mother to reunite the family. Unfortunately, she was never captured or seen. So it was up to us to raise two baby badgers! These guys seemed to grow up fast, and they kept their nice wild sense about them. As soon as they were old enough, they were released back out into the wild together. Within minutes of their release, they wasted no time digging a den in a nice rock outcropping. They knew exactly what to do! We were so happy to see these two go back out into the wilderness, where they belong. 

Photo by Bruce D. Taubert

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