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Merry Christmas to one and all!

• Buffalo Chip • Bicycle lanes
• Dark Side inconsistency
• Next Years election

From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!

Buffalo Chip
What a town! The turnout for the Buffalo Chip Saloon and Steakhouse on December 16 was incredible. Cave Creek did not want the Chip’s employees to miss Christmas or go hungry. Not only was the crowd estimated at over 2,800, but Mark Peagler estimated the effort at Frontier Town will yield about $42,500. Frontier Town is still receiving gifts to be auctioned which they will accumulate for later auctions. T-shirt sales are brisk and will continue thanks to Greg Clancy and Strawberry Fields. We are listed as a T-shirt source but have yet to receive the T-shirts because they are selling so fast.

It was a pleasure to see Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Buffalo Chip owner Larry Wendt and Super Conservative Russell Pearce there.

If you don’t think Joe will win his next election you should have seen the outpouring of affection for him.

He couldn’t move a step without people wanting to be heard, getting a handshake, giving a hug or posing for a picture with him.

When he first came in he was confronted by a man who thanked him because he his first trip to Joe's jail was his last. It straightened him out. He said he didn’t want to go there again. Arpaio was the hit of the event without question.

And by the way, if you can afford it, please send Joe a donation. He is being crucified by the federal government from Obama all of the way to Judge Snow to stop his enforcement of immigration laws.

Also read Linda Bentley’s article about the great fundraiser attended by so many people.

Bicycle lanes
There are still lots of complaints flowing in about the restricted traffic due to the construction of bicycle lanes. Unfortunately, few are willing to sign their names, so they are not printed. But it is clear the public is not happy with the timing which reduces the number of people coming to town to buy stuff or eat here during the traffic restrictions. The bright idea is going to cost the town tax revenue.

Local business is in the tank in the summertime anyway, so why not then?

With the election for mayor and council coming up in August next year you will want to remember the slate is the council that voted in the lanes and all the problems it has presented, although it was a three step process actually voted on by three councils.

With what I am hearing about who the dark side is going to present to the public for mayor and council make sure your powder is dry. It will be a nasty event by ex-slate councilmen and/or their supporters.

Dark Side inconsistency
With all the dark side yammering about Golfer Tom Lehman’s plans for his personal property have they not noticed the offending tank in front of the Roadhouse? I have reported several times that according to the town, that tank is on town property and presents a liability to the town. Why is it allowed? Why has the staff or council not done what they did about the porch that was constructed on town property without a permit?

In Lehman’s case it sounds like the Dark Side is against property rights which used to be a no-no in this western town. Lehman should have been the Grand Marshal for Wild West Days rather than a Channel 10 “weather guy.”

Next year’s election
The word is slowly leaking out about next year ‒ who is running, who isn’t running and Dark Side hopefuls.

When the rumored changes solidify I will fill you in on the possibilities.