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Buffalo Chip

It is a sad sight to see the burned out structure of the Buffalo Chip Saloon and Steakhouse. The irreplaceable mementos, historical and art objects are gone. I especially remember a huge chainsaw replica of a bear with a fish in its mouth. But there were literally thousands of boots, hats, saddles, trophies, pictures and on and on. We still have rumors about the fire bug that committed the infamous fire and are anxious to see the person in court.

The Chip was also a hang out for Green Bay Packers fans. I remember when Marla McGee brought her Wisconsin background to the Chip as owner of the Chip. Her dad Max McGee, the legendary Packers tight end who scored the first touchdown in the first Super Bowl, made an appearance to sign T-shirts for fans. If he wasn’t there they would have Marla sign the T-shirts, something she never understood.

Can you imagine that this Packer shrine missed the present and future thrill of the Hail Mary pass Aaron Rogers threw in the recent win over the Detroit Lions?

The better news is that Larry Wendt will rebuild a bigger Buffalo Chip and better too, except it will take decades to rebuild the wonderful memorabilia that was lost in the fire.

Dark Side

A recent Dark Side offering featured an article by incendiary George Ross about property tax in Cave Creek.

Why? I know of no council member who would dare suggest it. And those who say it will be necessary are short-sighted buffoons. As long as the council doesn’t succumb to dark side BS and keeps their economic engine intact, the town will be fine. But whistling near the graveyard is a Dark Side spoof.

I received a copy of a three-page letter from the Maricopa County Attorney’s office (MCAO) today which responds to the complaint filed by George Ross about council’s action to recognize us for receipt of legal ads. The letter said that what we do is legal and the process by which we do so is acceptable.

Ross filed it claiming Arch McGill, the ex-AT&T executive who hosted two Tea Party events suggested he file a complaint with the county attorney.


If Arch did that I am surprised, so I have to wonder what he was told. In any event, they are all wrong, wrong and wrong! Ross claims he was backed by Pauline Smith, Katya Kinsel, G.L Royer, Raymond Jackson, ANNA MARSOLO, Dorthy Tucker and Judy Lewis. Now maybe these Dark Side citizens should be more careful about whom they back.

The fact is we have many times explained what we did to become qualified to print legal ads.

Dark Side echo chambers like Eileen Wright stand up in council meetings, sometimes with her husband, the Carefree Town Attorney, sitting there, as she reads the statute that on its face claims we are not qualified, neglecting to mention the arrangement that makes what we do legal.

So the MCAO’s has spoken with lots of loss of time to satisfy rumor mongers who don’t know what they are talking about. To be clear, MCAO, found that the town and Sonoran News are completely legit and Ross and his Dark Side supporters are completely wrong.

Bicycle paths

Council member Dick Esser is our representative for MAG. It was MAG’s bright idea to build bicycle paths in Cave Creek and Carefree but they somehow neglected to consider the timing, which was right in the middle of our winter season. We depend on snow birds that drive cars and are greatly angered by slow one lane roads.

The public in Cave Creek was further angered by all of the closures when no workmen were present. Esser, who has had many years in state government called friends and got them to remove the barricades for a couple of days last week. However, the traffic barricades were up again this Monday morning. Esser says he has been promised that if work is not scheduled on any given day the barriers will be removed.

But still it is estimated the bike path project will not be completed until April.

It will be zoo in Carefree. Many elderly people live on Tom Darlington Drive and their driveways have always been an issue to some citizens since they front the frequently traveled road. Now they have to really be alert about bicycles whizzing by. It will be interesting and hopefully not lethal.

Another verdict

For those who are anxious to ride or walk the proposed horse, bike and walking trail across Cave Creek at Morning Star.

After about three years in court, the case was finally won by the town, with an exception that the town has to ensure the trail is built to certain standards. The Plaintiffs are Gerald Freeman and his wife. The defendants are the Town of Cave Creek, Morning Star Properties, me and my wife Shari Jo Sorchych. I guess we got put on as defendants because we are in favor of the trail since we wholeheartedly support the equine community.

The Freemans have filed an appeal and requested a stay that would halt trail construction while the appeal is pending. Judge Talamante denied their request for a stay so the town may proceed.

I am told the town will begin building the trail soon.