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December 9-15, 2015


For All Signs: Beginning last week, Mars has been making fierce aspects to other tough planets, Uranus and Pluto. Mars represents the principle of raw, physical power. He is the original god of war and therefore “rules” knives, guns, surgical instruments, or anything that might cut, like a sword. He rules “attack” on any level, including accidental. On the mental level Mars operates through will power and can press us to take risks and take on projects we might normally be fearful to try. On the emotional level, Mars can represent anger, the rush of adrenaline, and the power to carry through with our feelings. On a spiritual level, which is his highest principle, Mars is best used as a warrior on behalf of protecting those who need personal justice.

Aries: You have been dealing with a dilemma over the past 2-3 weeks. You want very much to manage your own life with few, if any “rules” imposed upon you. This is fine. However, where does that leave the other people in your personal circle? This week they will be the squeaking wheels. It is an ongoing existential dilemma to do your own thing and also be in relationship.

: Events of this week trigger your sense of compassion and draw you into the need to assist in the healing of another. As you live into this experience, you will discover that having compassion also heals you. Your spirit will be lifted. Don’t ignore the call.

Gemini: There are occasionally moments in life when we are focused upon contemplation of the deeper topics in life. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where am I headed? Do I take action based upon my principles or am I adopting the values of someone else? Taking stock periodically brings a stronger sense of direction.

: This Christmas season is tainted with sadness for you. It happens to everyone, sooner or later. Old memories surface from the past and may seem to taunt you. Give each one the attention it is due and then move onto the next one that surfaces. Fighting them is not the best thing to do. It will just make the sad period drag on longer. But do take a fun break now and then.

Leo: You are oh, so tempted, to open the credit cards and spend, spend, spend. Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week. Enjoying your creativity and your “playmates” could break the bank. Now is not the time to go Christmas shopping lest you run up balances that will be hard to manage later.

Virgo: Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation, personal creativity, and romance. Your attention will be focused in these areas through most of January. Mercury will be retrograding for a good part of that time, so you can expect to change and re-change your mind in any of these areas. Don’t consider decisions to be set in concrete.

: If you feel anger brewing below the surface, speak up during a quiet moment of conversation. Don't ignore it or a sudden and unexpected episode this week may cause you to explode. Your reflexes and reactions may be too quick for your highest good. Use caution when driving, dealing with tools, and in exercise.

: Venus entered your sign on the 4th and will be traveling "with you" through the end of this year. Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look. You may become interested in your personal appearance and make improvements in how you are seen. The goddess of love brings complements, small gifts, romance, or other pleasures.

: This is a time in which your exuberance and enthusiasm may carry you farther than you really intended to go. You will certainly have more energy to do whatever you choose, but take care that you don't promise way more than you can deliver. Your warm and generous heart could get you in trouble.

Capricorn: Mercury travels slowly through your sign between now and Feb 12. It will be going through its retrograde cycle before it moves along. Take care with any decision of importance because you likely will find reason to change your mind more than once. New information keeps popping up to muddy the works. This is normal with Mercury retrogrades. You must make multiple decisions that cause you to think deeply about who you are.

: It is particularly important that you drive and handle tools carefully during this period. Don’t allow yourself to get in a hurry to go anywhere, lest you meet with an accident. This might be on foot or in a vehicle. You may feel temperamental and in the mood to keep your own company this week. Follow this internal advice for best results.

Pisces: You have several aspects that favor romance, the arts, and things of beauty. You may be the happy recipient of small gifts, compliments or favors from others. Your mind wants to wander in the world of fantasy, daydreams, good books, and music. It is not a great week for getting things done, but you will enjoy the journey.

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