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No doubt you have heard the Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse had a major fire on Thanksgiving morning. It has been described as arson and an investigation is ongoing. Although I can’t imagine anyone doing such a heinous crime, I hope the judge who will eventually hear this/these case(s) is a “hang ‘em high” type of judge.

Guest Editorials:

Vince Ansel, Riders USA   |  DECEMBER 2, 2015

Municipal ID’s for illegal aliens gaining steam in Phoenix

Yes folks, it’s happening right under our very noses. While hard working Arizonans go about the duties of raising families, heading off to work and being diverted by Christmas preparations, leftist community organizing groups in cahoots with local politicians are hard at it in attempting to breathe new life into a city of Phoenix issued municipal ID card. This form of ID card was originally promoted as a “City Services Card” by Councilman Bill Gates and designed as a way to condense various city of Phoenix services into one card and intended to be distributed only to the “legal residents” of this city. Phoenix, at this time, issues separate cards for library privileges, parks, senior citizen and community centers, etc. Gates’ idea to combine these cards into a single card appeared to be fiscally sound and logical.


Immediate shutdown of all immigration into America

Over a recent weekend, eight Muslim immigrants to France slaughtered over 127 innocent civilians in Paris. The Islamic terrorists shot people sitting in restaurants, at a concert hall and the soccer stadium. At least 300 suffered horrible wounds.

Those Muslim terrorists savagely and barbarically slaughtered civilian French citizens, “As if they were shooting at rats at a dump.”  

Lawrence Sellin, PhD   |  DECEMBER 2, 2015

Armed militias and concealed carry: It is Lexington and Concord time

It is now clear the US Government, for the most part is unable and, in some cases, refuses to protect Americans from external and internal threats to our security, whether that be through unregulated immigration, an impotent ISIS policy or the disarming of law-abiding citizens.

By Robert Romano  |  DECEMBER 2, 2015

Time to close the border, for real

At least one of the Paris bombers was a Syrian war refugee. And Islamic State has promised more attacks in England, the U.S. and other countries that have been taking in refugees from the Middle East.

In light of these two facts, there is only one solution, and that is to immediately suspend entry to all refugees and immigrants from the Middle East into the U.S., Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Rick Manning urged.

By Dustin Howard  |  DECEMBER 2, 2015

Manufacturing threatened by Obama's Boiler MACT rules

What's a Boiler MACT? MACT stands for the Maximum Achievable Control Technology, and is the focus of recently revised rules by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To comply with rules justified by the President's 2011 Executive Order 13563, industrial operations that generate their own power with boilers must further reduce emissions with questionable benefit through costly retrofitting processes in order to be legally operational. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), EPA estimates the compliance cost for American Manufacturers will initially be nearly $5 Billion, with $1.5 Billion annually, further hampering wage and job growth.