Down the Tubes with Obama

steele coddington

First, please, save me from another article by ding-a-ling Harry Reid (and others) citing the poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty as justification for inundating our country with totally unsuitable refugees totally unlike those from civilized countries previously described as "yearning to breathe free." His deplorably ignorant choice, along with Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton is for refugees totally at odds with American values and culture. "Please send me your Syrian Muslim refugees yearning to change America to Sharia law and support the Jihad from their new unassimilated Muslim suburbs in America like those in France, Belgium, etc, etc, etc." Reid and his ilk have translated the Statue of Liberty phrase into a sick conviction that anyone and everyone is welcome to America. A huge percentage of Americans are saying NO! Here's why:

Because what we see developing with such groups of refugees in France, Belgium and the Somalis in Minnesota and elsewhere in the U.S. who are not assimilating, and, as in France and Belgium, holing up in "No-Go" zones that form, according to the Investors Business Daily recent editorial, "A root system of terrorism in the immigrant Muslim communities." In France, the exact same kind of liberal refugee policies now espoused by Obama and his "fundamental transformation" and its multi-cultural obsession with a phony "moral duty" to "save" Muslim refugees, has created a hostile foreign population. "Whole neighborhoods became off-limits to police . . . youths rioted and attacked cops . . . Paris lost control of these Muslim enclaves allowing a parallel society to take root . . . that has become a breeding ground for terrorists and other Islamic extremists."

But that's not even half the lie about vetting Syrian refugees and how they are carefully picked for the U.S. Sorry, but the U.S. doesn't pick them and it can't check the extent of their propensity to duplicate the French Muslim refugees that sympathize with Jihad, nor their suitability to become members of a civilized society under the rule of law. Syrian refugees are selected by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). According to Investors Business Daily, the great UN "chooser" for you is Antonio Guterres, former president of Socialist International, a "worldwide confederacy of more than 160 socialist parties ... that push open borders to create 'one world government.'" A lovely Marxist network!

This unsuitable High Commissioner is working "hand-in-hand with an Islamist group of 57 Muslims nations - the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), whose founding charter seeks to propagate 'legitimate jihad' and the norms of Islamic Shariah. The Saudi based OIC is tied to the radical Muslim Brotherhood." Thanks Obama, Kerry and Ben Rhodes, Obama's National Security advisor for looking out for us!

Yes, worry as they bring in tens of thousands of the "invaders" screwing you - but don't forget the less dangerous but just as costly new Cuban migration scam. This package involves professional smugglers who ferry Cubans into the U.S. not as immigrants, exiles or refugees, but as unskilled workers not seeking work, but access to our welfare and benefit programs. This invasion includes the elderly who stay long enough to get approved for a package of welfare benefits. But once they get a check from Uncle Sam Sucker, they head back to Cuba. Thereafter, a friend or relative cashes the continuing checks and sends the cash to them in Cuba.

And now the Venezuelans (another one of our friends like Cuba) have caught on to the scam. Those fleeing from their Communist hell-hole, numbering in the thousands, are beginning the fleecing by developing smuggling schemes to further bleed more for whatever their status is - refugee, migrant, immigrant, exile, visa, green card or potential Democrat voter, to help "fundamentally transform" you into a perpetually losing minority voter.