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SCOTTSDALE – To the majority of the populace, doing taxes is no fun, but if you want to get them off your proverbial plate early, the folks at Dane Holdings Taxes want you to know you need not wait until all your tax paperwork is in. “Bring us what you’ve got,” said Melissa M. Meyer, who, along with husband Danny A. Meyer, is co-founder/owner of the tax planning and preparation company. The Meyers can get your tax forms (personal/business) underway, and then when the rest of your documents arrive, all you need do is drop them off. While they pay meticulous attention to details all year round, Melissa said in January or February you get a “fresher Melissa, a fresher Danny, a fresher Sarah.” Plus, now through the end of the year, take advantage of the early bird $75 off coupon.

After your taxes are filed, they don’t simply bid you adieu. Dane Holdings offers audit support, trusts, tax planning and more. They’ll do accounting – balance your checkbook once a month. After all, Melissa assured, “Organization is key!” They share tips: At the end of the year, go to your pharmacy and they can give you a printout of what you spent on prescriptions. Additionally, apply for a credit card to be used only for healthcare expenses, then you have your medical costs readily at hand.

After more than 20 years their well-known reputation precedes them, but some folks may not know the story behind the name. To register business names, the secretary of state must grant approval. After countless calls (only two names are considered per call), the Meyers were running out of options since names were taken or disapproved. Danny looked at his dog and said, “That’s it, we’ll call it Marmaduke, Inc.!” Melissa laughed but thought that may infringe on comic strip trademarks. In the meantime, Marmaduke the Great Dane meandered over to Danny and popped his head under his master’s arm. “How about Holding a Great Dane?” Melissa suggested, given the pose. Dane Holdings it became, and clients often find Niko, one of the Meyers’ current Danes, in the office.

Taxes may cause folks to “quiver and quake,” but Niko is a calming presence assuring all is right in the tax world! Set up an appointment by calling 480-473-4650. Dane Holdings is located at 23415 N Scottsdale Rd. Visit online at