october 14, 2015

Assessor Petersen reveals beta version of new website

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PHOENIX Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen is proud to announce the beta version of a new design for the Assessor’s website. Beginning in the summer of 2014, Assessor staff began to research award-winning government, and private sector websites, with a focus on ease of use, responsive design, and mobile friendly displays. Additional emphasis was made to ensure that users frequent site users would find the website redesign appealing, while keeping intact all the functionality and effectiveness that makes the Assessor’s website the most visited within Maricopa County government. The results of this study and research have been incorporated into the new Assessor beta website.

The decision was reached following an extensive formal procurement and selection process to hire Analysts International Corporation to complete the redesign of the website.

Additionally, Assessor staff participated in a photo-contest on their personal time, to submit photos for inclusion in the redesign. Six photographers who participated in the contest had their original work selected to be featured on the website.

Along with the new website design, the Assessor’s Office will roll out the beta version of a new Parcel Viewer (Maps) application. The new Parcel Viewer was developed internally and will replace the existing Silverlight based Parcel Viewer. This new mapping application eliminates the need for a browser plugin to access it, so it will work on most modern browsers and operating systems including mobile devices. The new Parcel Viewer includes an extensive Help system complete with instructional videos.

The beta version of the website and Parcel Viewer will be open for several months while the transfer of information and content occurs over a period of a couple of months. It should be noted that the beta is not completely functional, and some material or functions may not be available yet. For serious business use, the old site is still recommended.

To access the beta version visit mcassessor.maricopa.gov and click on the beta link. For more information, contact the Assessor’s Office at 602-506-3406, or tweet @MCAssessor.

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