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BY DON SORCHYCH  |  October 7, 2015

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don sorchychRoadhouse escapes | Say NO to CCUSD money demands

Looks like the Roadhouse folks got off the hook. Recall they were cited for putting a patio on town property and not getting a permit. The charges were criminal and no doubt entered the court “pleading for mercy” because it is likely Roadhouse would have lost its liquor license. And, oh my, wouldn’t that have been terrible? No, it is called justice.

The only good news out of this fracas is the court dismissed the charge “without prejudice” so the charges can renewed if they have any other charge within six months in addition to any new charges. So, in other words, the Roadhouse is basically on probation for six months.

In my mind there remains a town problem with the Roadhouse and the town is the reason, unless it was lied to. There is also an ugly water tank monument, which, according Planning Director Ian Cordwell and Building Official Mike Baxley, is on town property. When council voted to pass a development agreement allowing them to keep the water tank there, we were told it was barely encroaching on town property. That development agreement should be cancelled and the tank moved. The town’s liability exists as long as that agreement is in place.

The remaining town issues which need immediate attention are road closures and a forensic tax audit of town businesses.

Need I say again, only three road closures: Fiesta Days, Wild West days and CCUSD Homecoming? No road closures for businesses and no white tents!

If Mark Bradshaw wants to create Sturgis II, then go somewhere where it will be appreciated, not here.

And it is time for the taxpaying, voting public to know how much cheating is going on in our town.


We have long had a difficult relationship with CCUSD since Debbi Burdick was made queen of the school. We got along with previous administrations just fine and when we were still on a 5 day week Linda Bentley suffered through their regularly held school board meetings.

The school board has for years now taken directions from Burdick rather than the opposite, as it should be. It is worse now that Adam Trenk sued to keep Susan Clancy off the ballot in her bid for reelection to the school board. At least it is the school district’s loss and town of Cave Creek’s gain.

Anyone who was in sports at CCUSD remembers Pete Mohr, who writes about sports for Sonoran News. I know how much parents appreciate him because I talk with many of them.

Pete had a stroke and moved to be near family. Even though he is unable to return he has worked long distance with Coach Hudnutt to have pictures and articles about the Falcon football team. There was no bigger fan than Pete. Hudnutt’s willingness to help Pete is appreciated.

Coach’s Corner was Pete’s idea. He worked with at least seven other coaches and Pete valued Hudnutt the most (my opinion.)

Pete called to say Coach’s Corner would not be written until after the override was voted, but football season will be over.

However we are in the early stages of investigating the loss of three ads so far from customers who had been with us for years. They tell us they were threatened by what I call schoolies, or school lies. We have been able so far to get some names and sketches of some schoolies. Hope they like the limelight.

We were once threatened by teachers, students and people who flat didn’t like a watchdog in town – people I call the Dark Side.

One of them named Ron Weiss carried a banner which read, “Sonoran News is a cancer on the community.” His wife Cynthia is now on the school board. Ron also is known to have tried to get advertisers to discontinue advertising with us. I think his customers should know who they are dealing with. So before he sells a house for Russ Lyon Realty he should give full disclosure about his antics. We will, because he won’t.

People are wondering from whom the political action committee supporting the 15 percent CCUSD override gets the funds to blanket the area with self serving flyers. The size, color and frequency of the propaganda spells expensive.

A question often asked and never answered is when will CCUSD get enough money? CCUSD and other area schools are relying on a PAC called, “Citizens for Education and Home Values.” But sadly, the information about who is funding it and for how much isn’t available until after the election.

To get details about this outrage go to and look at archives to see Linda Bentley’s articles about CCUSD. She has studied and written about them for over fourteen years.

One teacher even went so far as advising her classes to throw Sonoran News papers away if they see one. What are they hiding? Their greed for one thing, while the only thing they stand for is more money, education be damned.

So I will ask advertisers again to tell us about who is threatening you on school matters. Please get names, phone numbers and photos if possible. They are violating the law, which teaches students how to be dirty and illegal – dark side, if you prefer.