America’s apocalypse

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steele coddington

America’s apocalypse is an evolving consequence of grossly mistaken conclusions regarding the need for and value to America of “IMMIGRATION.” Yes, we have a serious illegal immigrant problem. But at the current levels of “total” immigrants in the U.S., now estimated at 41 million, we are finding ways somehow to accommodate, integrate, and/or assimilate that body of people into the fabric of American society. It ain’t easy, but it’s possible. America’s apocalypse is not so much what’s here, but the increasing flood of immigrants finding ways to invade in numbers that are overwhelming our ability to cope.

To continue down the path of the Obama administration’s reckless encouragement of more, more, and more is the path to an apocalypse already beginning to create cultural and religious chaos and discord. The apocalypse won’t be a sudden Iranian nuclear device, but the sneaky inevitability of steady increases of alien immigration from abuses involving amnesty, refugees, illegal entry, green card chaos, anchor baby scams and the clash of cultures from the Middle East.

The Grand Imam in the White House with Hara Kiri Kerry and the Seppuku bunch in the State Dept. have already imported 416,000 Muslim immigrants since 2010, the fastest growing immigrant bloc. And, now they’ve pledged to bring in another 200,000 Islamic refugees over the next two years, 65,000 of whom will be mostly young men from Syria. Please join me in throwing up the next time a liberal tells us on TV, “We are a nation of immigrants.” That’s not a reason to welcome, in today’s world, aliens who reliable research has identified as mostly fake “refugees,” whose real mission is to get on our welfare rolls and change our “Rule of Law” to “Rule of Sharia.”

There is no way to vet (check the background) of the horde from Syria and surrounding countries to identify Jihadists according to the FBI. But there are also increasingly easy ways more of the refugees going to Europe slip from there into the United States surreptitiously. The Visa Waver Program (VWP) has been revealed as a slimy way to travel here without a visa. Another White House open door you might question your ignorant Congressman about.
The U.S. must HALT ALL IMMIGRATION! Once again get wise to why! Read constant reports in Investors Business Daily at your library on the immigration apocalypse and become an expert, informed by Ann Coulter’s “Adios America” and “Stop the Islamization of America” by Pamela Geller. Immigrants as refugees and asylum seekers are coming here mainly to jump on the free welfare band-wagon you pay for, until they screw up their own existence by electing a caliphate to replace capitalism.

By the way, Imam Obama and Hari Kiri Kerry should be aware that there are serious global warming problems with the importation of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria. Their principle diet of olives, edible cactus, camel meat and pomegranates creates a huge population with excessive flatulation problems, producing alarming human methane contributions to global warming. It’s so bad the capitol city of Syria, “Damascus” is being forced to change its name to “Damascafart.” So there is a rational Democrat solution to denying the Regime plan to flood the U.S. with Syrian refugees. Really, what’s so good about more clouds of methane along with higher taxes to pay for their welfare? Doesn’t smell good to me.