Choose your surrender

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steele coddington Seventy years ago, on Sept. 2nd 1945 at 9:02 a.m. in Tokyo Bay, Japan, aboard the Battleship USS Missouri, the Japanese signed a surrender document presented by General Douglas MacArthur. The ceremony ended a war that we didn't start. Patriots on our side fought for America and won. Fast forward to July 14, 2015 to a different battle when America bowed to Iran.

On that date the spirit of the USS Missouri floated up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. An incompetent President of the U.S. climbed aboard, bent over and gave up America's deepest interests to a terrorist regime. Backers of the deal cannot refute that it is a political charade shrouded in secrets, with meaningless "solutions" with a confirmed murderous sovereign cheater nation intent on death to America and our friend Israel.

The deal is an outrageous scam aided and abetted by cave-in Democrat Senators who out-maneuvered the Republicans using Senate rules to undo a largely symbolic Republican disapproval of the deal.

While beyond this article's deadline, efforts continue to demonstrate disapproval, but the deal is really an Obama Executive Order and will undoubtedly confirm a terrible agreement. Republicans should have fought to the bitter end for treaty status like SALT II and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaties.

A recent "Investors Business Daily" editorial listed the Democrat Senators giving Obama enough votes to legitimize the Obama surrender and characterized their actions saying they have "Blood on their hands from future Islamist nuclear terrorism . . . and conventional terrorism that Iran will expand with tens of billions of dollars in released sanctions." And that reliable, "Evidence suggests the secret side deals with the U.N.'s IAEA (Inspection Agency) and Tehran (Iran) were actually the work of the Obama administration."

IBD is right. A recent cartoon shows the Democrat Senators saluting a white flag with their leader saying, "We pledge allegiance to our party over the United States of America." Their editorial quotes former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, "Iran will cheat its way into the nuclear arms club under this deal, triggering an Arab nuclear arms race." Bolton recently authored a scary article on the subject in "National Review" entitled "Facing Reality on Iran," that you will thank me for liberally quoting below.

"However Congress votes, Iran will be marching inexorably toward deliverable nuclear weapons." "Iran's support for terrorist Hezbollah, Hamas, Yemen's Houtis and Assad has, if anything, increased." The sanctions on Iran were widely avoided anyhow, Bolton says, "Russia and China hardly adhered to Security Council sanctions." And both are now poised to establish mega trade deals with Iran extremely detrimental to the U.S. economically and militarily and they seem to intend to dethrone the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Here's the truth! Bolton and Israel's P.M. Netanyahu know that no matter what the Obama deal is, in the end, "Only a preemptive military strike can block Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state." "To stop Iran from achieving its 35 year goal of deliverable nuclear weapons, either America or Israel must be prepared to use military force." "A nuclear arms race is already under way . . . because the U.S./Iran deal effectively ends any Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty."

And now another question! Have the Republican leaders got the brains and testicular fortitude to overcome Republican voter anger at their ineptitude in stopping Obama's piece by piece dismantling of America? Advice from a life long Conservative who wouldn't vote for a Democrat if they paid me the current illegal immigrant $20 cash plus a taco to vote for someone who has "blood on their hands . . . STOP ALL IMMIGRATION, and convince Republican and Independent voters no matter how angry they are, that if they stay away from the poles and don't vote in MASS, they will be part of an Obama-forever country. It's VOTE or goodbye!