By Marielle D. Marne | SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

Tim Kline Roofing does roofs right … the FIRST time

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Customers will never get the one-size-fits-all treatment when they call Tim Kline Roofing. Just as a house does, each roof has its own blueprint deserving of individual attention. When he is called out to assess a potential client’s roof, Kline walks the perimeter taking photos, looking for possible problems. “Lots of scuppers are good,” he said. “When you have water standing on the roof, that’s when you get deterioration on the surface.” That’s another one of Kline’s goals – education. “The more you know about the process, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of,” he added.

So homeowners will get a detailed report from Kline along with 80 to 100 photos so people can see what he is talking about. He actually does a whole PowerPoint presentation. But it’s this thoroughness that’s resulted in a 90 percent referral rate for his business. He gets call after call, for instance, from residents at Terravita who are impressed with the roofing work they see being done at their neighbors’. Another plus to Tim Kline Roofing? “When we clean up, the place is spotless, even in the middle of a job. The culture of my company is we’re going to do what it takes to do it the right way.”

He’s got a long-tenured team who assures all work is phenomenal. He’s proud of and humbled by the reputation he’s earned. It’s a well-earned one since Kline refuses to do things quick and easy. Matter-of-fact, his tagline is Roofs done right … the FIRST time. He knows what he’s doing, having gone into roofing right out of high school in 1981! He subsequently went out on his own and founded Tim Kline Roofing in 2000.

One of Kline’s more extensive projects was a townhouse community in Tucson. Sue Giedraitis of HOA Management Solutions said out of four bids, they chose Tim Kline Roofing. “Tim was helpful from beginning to end. He took the time to explain where problems existed. He was hands-on and at the job site every day. He’s personable and we enjoyed working with him.” Why wouldn’t you call Tim Kline Roofing after hearing praise like that!?

To learn more, see or phone 480-357-2463 (office) or 602-818-0571 (Tim).