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From Homeless to Hero

A discarded dog beats the odds

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PHOENIX – Wiley, as he would come to be known, a six- to nine- month-old German Shepherd mix, was picked up by Animal Control. Wiley weighed only 11 pounds and was hours away from death when he was found.

wiley before and after
Animal Guardian Network (AGN), a local animal sanctuary and healing center specializing in the care of animals in critical condition, was contacted to assist Wiley. AGN sprung into action immediately having Wiley transported to the veterinary hospital where it was determined he was in the beginning stages of organ failure as a result of prolonged starvation.

After three weeks in the hospital, Wiley was stable enough to be moved to AGN’s sanctuary and healing center. Over a six-month period Wiley, underwent a strict nutritional rehabilitation diet, which resulted in a gain of nineteen pounds. Wiley’s story has been heard by hundreds of people throughout Arizona, gaining him the prestigious 2015 Friends of Animal Care and Control (FACC) HERO award. This is the second such award received by a dog saved by AGN. Wiley has since settled into his new home and is living a dog’s dream life with his adoptive family thanks to the life-saving work of AGN.

wiley at 30 lbs
If you have the time to make a difference for an animal in need, contact Carrie at 623-780-1604 or To help AGN save more lives, please visit to make a tax-deductible donation.

Animal Guardian Network Sanctuary & Healing Center (AGN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Their purpose is saving animals that have the least amount of options or hope of being saved. AGN is an assisted living sanctuary with 24/7 care for senior, special needs and terminally ill animals, many from animal control shelters. Life-saving medical intervention and rehabilitation is provided to those most critically injured and/or ill. Visit, like us on Facebook or check us out on Instagram!

How is Himuti at Southwest Wildlife?

Earlier this year when we announced that iconic Mexican wolf M943, Himuti, had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer we were surprised and pleased at the support and encouragement we received.

Himuti the mexican wolf M943
So, you’d probably like to know how Himuti’s doing now. He’s doing really well! He lost a lot of weight after the surgery and during recovery, but his appetite is terrific, so he’s bounced back to a healthy weight.

Most of the wolves are very cautious and refuse to eat anything that smells “different,” so they’re notoriously hard to give medicine to, but not Himuti! That big appetite makes him a great patient. His daily round of medication is as easy as offering him a meatball.

You would hardly know, looking at Himuti now, that he was so seriously ill just a few months ago. Our hope is to be able to give him happy days and a full belly for a long time to come!
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