By Marielle D. Marne | SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

Premier advice, personal service part of estate package at Morris Hall
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west hunsakerCAREFREE – When you go to the premier estate planning law firm of Morris Hall, the legal professionals not only know the laws and procedures of wills, trusts and estates, but they provide support on a personal level. “The legal part is just one aspect of what we do,” explained MH partner West Hunsaker. “There are many words for lawyer, and one of them is counselor. We do a lot of counseling.”

Some of that counseling involves encouraging clients to bring in family members so Hunsaker or his fellow attorneys can explain to them how things are set up and how the estate process works. They also suggest writing letters to loved ones. Hunsaker says that’s a sacred part of the job because after a parent has passed, adult children often pull out those letters and rely on them as guiding principles. “Legacy is so much more than assets,” Hunsaker offered. “It’s values, families, principles.”

morris hall logoOne of the founders of Morris Hall, Dan Morris, instilled in his team an element of his own beliefs. He opined that he didn’t want a grieving widow sitting at home too afraid to call her lawyer because of fear of being billed. Because of that, at MH, customers know the costs upfront. They are typically flat fees, not hourly rates that can potentially escalate with every clarification a client may request. “We generally don’t charge for phone calls,” Hunsaker said. “We try to be open so people know what to expect.” MH offers free reviews for its clients every two to three years as needed as well for those who may already have trusts, wills or other estate plans (even out-of-state) and need a local or new lawyer.

Morris Hall has several locations around Arizona (and New Mexico) and its Carefree office (7208 E Cave Creek Rd) is thriving given its professionalism, transparency and concern for people, not simply its bottom line.

Learn more at or phone 480-455-3693.