AUGUST 19, 2015

Five states with 40 percent DUI related fatalities in U.S.A.

National Drunk Driving Program fails to reduce percentage of drunk driving fatalities over last 14 years

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SAN FRANCISCO, California – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA) data shows no progress in 14 years in reducing the percentages of drunk driving fatalities which has been at 30 percent or higher, the level in 1999. Further, 5 states (ND, MT, SC, RI, & CT) have a three year average of 40 percent or more DUI related fatalities, and the average Blood Alcohol Concentration of drunk drivers has increased and is now at 0.19, more than twice the legal limit.

During the same period DUI arrests decreased 23 percent and DUI arrests per licensed driver fell 31 percent. This is in sharp contrast to National success in decreasing total fatalities 22 percent, and increasing restraint usage 25 percent.

"Over 169,000 persons have been killed in DUI fatalities since 1999," says Al Crancer, Jr. a retired NHTSA researcher, "All of this happening while the most recent National data showed a 22 percent decrease in total motor vehicle fatalities and a 33 percent increase in motor vehicle occupants restrained in fatal crashes over the same time period.

Doris Aiken, President of RID-USA, a National organization to stop drunk driving, says, "No progress in 14+ years, with 30 percent of fatalities DUI related, and more than 10,000 lives lost a year to drunk driving, is unacceptable. This should set off alarms of groups responsible for and interested in reducing the Nation's No. 1 traffic safety problem. We think messages matter, and NHTSA dropping the message, "Friends don't let friend's drive drunk." in December 1999 may again be needed! We think it time to take another look at the current NHTSA approach being used to solve the drunk driving problem.”

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