America's "Iron Ladies"

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steele coddingtonThe contemporary meaning of the word "Hallelujah" as a joyful expression of "rejoice" couldn't be more appropriate to welcome the emerging presence of a gutsy new cadre of brilliant, articulate, conservative women unwilling to surrender America's founding principles. They are media, journalist, and political voices with the back-bone, will-power and smarts needed to reassure an angry conservative base.

Republican voters are hungry for leaders who are willing to seriously confront and reverse the radical programs affecting national security and the increasingly threatening debacle of massive immigration. It is the new menace that negatively infects the very framework of the freedom and stability of the world's greatest bastion of freedom and decency.

We are becoming "Immigration Nation," an emerging wasteland of "Obama Revenge" effectively consolidating his "Fundamental Transformation" with the millions from (primarily) south of our borders and increasing Islamification by infiltration, wide-open borders and mis-guided invitations to Muslims from all over the world to join us. America is being duped through a combination of ignorance, disbelief and failure to confront its immigration problem by "wobbly" political leaders too chicken, too dumb or too "bought" to take a stand.

But there is hope! Thanks to the previously mentioned emergence of American women with the courage of "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, unafraid to dish it out like Thatcher. Her classic resolve was memorable when she told President H.W. Bush in 1990 about deploying troops during Operation Desert Shield, "Now don't go wobbly on me!" And that is the message, as I mentioned in my last article, of a gutsy Ann Coulter in her book"Adios America." She is an "Iron Lady" exposing the sickening consequences of the immigration invasion tearing America apart.
The vast public is incredibly ignorant about the book's message for two reasons. First, because our immigration service literally lets anyone in with flimsy background checks, and secondly because our leaders are ignorant of the problem or haven't awakened to the massive extent to which immigration has become a slippery slide for entry from alien cultures. It's a dangerous path guaranteed to transform us more quickly than an Iranian nuke. Ask your Representatives if they have read "Adios America." Their ignorance will amaze you.

Want confirmation of Coulter's expose? Go back thirteen years to another "Iron Lady's" book - "Invasion" by Michelle Malkin. She dissected the 9/11 attack, and like Ann Coulter has done today, revealed the same threat – the dumping of terrorists and totally unsuitable immigration standards that benefit third world countries and undermine an America the world really needs.
For now, space limits our listing and celebrating other courageous American women we will salute in our next issue. Henceforth we'll designate them as members of the "Iron Ladies" Society of America (ILSA) – all at the forefront of the movement that will "not go wobbly" in the fight to defend America and halt immigration.