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News flash to Laurie Roberts and the Arizona Republic - The inconvenient truth

Laurie Roberts, I am amazed at your ability to tell it like it isn¹t.  You keep scolding and pushing for amnesty while a majority of Americans want a secure border and illegal aliens deported.  You advocate against the rule of law while Arizonans continue to be killed and maimed and while far too many are unemployed or under-employed.

You tell us the GOP could have "avoided Donald Trump" had they passed Immigration Reform, which is just a code word for amnesty.  That's just wrong of course.

If Donald Trump wasn't calling out Washington DC on amnesty he could just as easily be calling them out for failing us economically or internationally.  And Trump hardly has a monopoly on being critical of Washington DC or weak leaders in either party.  Senator Ted Cruz has been sounding the alarm on the Washington Cartel longer than Trump has.  So when you see thousands of people show up at the Donald Trump event in blistering heat and wait in lines for hours, recognize that they were there because they wanted immigration laws enforced, not ignored.  They wanted to end preventable murders by illegal aliens and they oppose amnesty for law breakers.

And while you in the media love to ignore their numbers, the thousands that showed up for Trump are merely the advance team for the hundreds of thousands that agree with them.
As a reminder, in 2004, Prop. 200 requiring citizenship to vote, ID at the polls and NO welfare for illegal aliens passed overwhelmingly at the polls.

Over 57 percent, a Majority of almost every demographic, including Hispanics, voted for it.
In 2006, Prop. 100 (no bonds for violent illegal aliens) passed with 78 percent of the vote, Prop. 102 (no punitive damages if an illegal sues an American Citizen) passed with 73 percent of the vote, Prop. 103 (English as the Official language of Arizona) passed with 75 percent of the vote, and Prop. 300 (no in-state tuition, no day care for illegal aliens) passed with 72 percent of the vote.

In 2007 the Arizona legislature passed HB2779 Arizona’s Legal Workers Act to take the license of employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens (poll after poll showed a huge majority of citizens supported it).

In 2010, SB1070 ended sanctuary cities in Arizona and was supported by 73 percent of Arizona voters.

I'm a Ted Cruz fan because of his consistent support for the Constitution and the Rule of Law, but I'm grateful to Donald Trump and anyone else who, for whatever reason, speaks the truth on this issue and forces the media to cover it and the other candidates to take a position on it.
Passing amnesty wouldn't have "avoided Donald Trump" as you suggest.  Electing genuine conservatives who governed as they promised and defending our rights and liberties would have made it so that a Donald Trump wouldn't have even been needed.  If you want to blame someone for Trump, look no further than faux conservatives like Senators McCain, Flake and Graham, who happily push for amnesty (except in elections years!) against the wishes of their party and their country.

Russell Pearce
Former President of the Arizona Senate, Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff¹s Office, Judge and author of Prop. 200, 100, 102, 103, 300, Legal Workers Act, SB1070


Carefree’s Future Matters; VI, E15, V1

Friends of Carefree, once again there were two meetings of the Town Council on August 4th.  The first was a Special Meeting to enter Executive Session [private] followed by the usual public monthly meeting.

Special Town Council Meeting, August 4, 2015, 3 p.m.

Item 1, Enter Executive Session.  The Council entered Executive Session.

Item 2, Adjournment:  The meeting lasted over 90 minutes.  At this time, no information is available.

Town Council Meeting, August 4, 2015, 5 p.m.

Items 1 – 6, Consent Agenda:  All 6 items were related to routine town business (meeting minutes, bills, financial reports, a liquor license, and event permits).  Councilman Miller requested that Item #4 be withheld for discussion.  Remaining items were approved 7 – 0.  Councilman Miller asked the Town Administrator to review the cash receipts and disbursements reports for June.  There was also a typo in the Special Events Revenue line item.  After discussion, Item 4 was approved 7 – 0.

Item 7, Call to the Public:  Kim Prince spoke regarding Town Marketing.  She was very pleased with the revitalized marketing efforts and glad to be back in the fold.

Item 8, Current Events:  None noted.

Item 9, Presentation by Ed Lewis regarding the revised Easy Street Project:  Following an often light-hearted and well received presentation by Mr. Lewis, the council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute the Easy Street South CUP Development Agreement, by a vote of 7 – 0.

The revised plan calls for construction of 49 luxury condo units, with an average size of 2,900sf, within the south parcel (previously used for Festival vendor parking).  The estimated start date is May-June 2016.  A sales center, with a “modern” model kitchen is planned in the next 5 or 6 months.  The 3 level project will provide a ‘resort-like’ environment and is expected to bring $990,000 in construction and sales tax revenue to Carefree.  More can be seen by visiting the project website which was just launched, at  A restaurant pad will be prepared but no restaurant is currently planned.

Item 10, 33 Easy Street Building/Property purchase:  After discussion, the Council authorized the mayor to proceed with the purchase of the property, by a vote of 7 – 0.  The 3,700sf 2-story building is intended to replace the current Town leased space in the Post Office building.  That lease will now expire in July of 2016.  There is currently a paying tenant in the new building, leasing the top floor of 1,000sf.  That revenue will flow to the town after closing to help offset the mortgage.  Attractive, no pre-payment penalty financing, for up to 100% of value ($407,400) is available.  The town is currently evaluating the best approach to that financing, and may close on the property in the next 30 days following inspections and title work.  Minimal renovation costs are anticipated since the building is relatively new (2000).

Item 11, Town Marketing Presentation:  Gina Kaegi, Marketing and Communications Director for Carefree, made a well-received presentation.  She indicated the town will unveil a new logo (Hummingbird and all!) and a new website which will soft-launch around 8/14.  In addition to a more robust Print media campaign, with local papers and publications, she outlined a larger a presence in the Digital media world of Facebook and other facilities.  She outlined the town’s plans for special events (over 30 on the books so far), including a Pumpkin festival of sorts, dubbed The Enchanted Pumpkin Gardens, featuring the renowned work of Ray Villafane in the fall (10/16 – 10/31).  She also mentioned planning a big Splash for the opening of the Splash Pad which will target mom’s, kids, and families from all over.  Also mentioned was coordination of events with Kiwanis, the Carefree Chamber of Commerce, and CCUSD.

Item 12, Attorney to represent the Town of Carefree in the Liberty Utilities rate case pending before the ACC:  The appointment of Scott Wakefield of Ridenour Hienton, P.L.L.C, was approved, 7 – 0.  Mr. Wakefield, an expert in this field, will represent the Town as an “Intervening Party” in the pending Liberty/BMSC rate case which had been filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission. 

Item 13, Change of the Town’s primary Bank:  The council approved, 7 – 0, the change from BMO/Harris to National Bank of Arizona.

Item 14, Dust Control Ordinance changes:  The changes apply to the Carefree Zoning Ordinance, Town Code, and Subdivision Ordinance.  The text amendments address dust control measures in three areas: unpaved areas, leaf blowers, and fireplace emissions.  Most homeowners may be affected.  Enforcement will be complaint driven.  It was noted that the Carefree/Cave Creek Cemetery will only need attention if/when it is expanded.

There is a copy of the Town provided Summary on our website, Archives.  You are encouraged to read the summary since almost every homeowner may be impacted by the changes.  For specific details you should consult the Town Code and related Ordinances directly.

Item 15, Town Council updates: None noted.

Item 16, Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:20PM.

Don’t forget to visit

Respectfully submitted by
Jim Van Allen and John Traynor


TPP – Free Trade should be a unilateral decision

President Obama and many others on both sides of the political isle are fretting over whether the negotiated free trade deals, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, will be approved by Congress. This is needless worry because we should simply abandon all barriers to trade unilaterally rather than wait for a “deal’ from other countries. Free trade benefits everyone except the few special interests that are protected by the trade barriers.

Let’s stop looking for deals and simply remove our barriers. It’s called leadership.

Roy Miller

Howdy District 1 patriots!

Put on your calendar Convention of States meeting, Sunday, August 16 at 4 p.m. The meeting will be at Lifepointe Church in Prescott Valley. The address is 10100 Hwy 69, between Dewey and Prescott Valley.  The phone number is 928.772.1360.

We encourage you to come and bring a friend.  Learn how a convention of states can rein in the out of control federal government.  We will also discuss our progress and growing our grassroots movement.  If you can, bring a dollar for the room fee.

Also, I appreciate all those who are traveling from the far corners of the district.  Come up early and spend the day in Prescott, it's a great town with lot's to see!

Thank you and hope to see you next Sunday!

Andy Ericson
AZLD1 Captain
Convention of States
District Captain - AZ_HD1


A message to America:  Do You Care?

Those who fought in the Vietnam War did not lose that war, politics lost the war.  It meant nothing that 58,227 died in combat and over one million plus died because they were poisoned with herbicides. Does our government care? No.  We give billions of dollars to Countries who hate us and not a dime to our Vietnam veterans who need health care and compensation. There are veterans who cannot work because they are sick, many sell their homes to pay medical bills or take out 2nd and 3rd mortgages.  Is this right?  No.  Does Congress care? No.  Is there accountability?  No.  Vietnam Veterans who are infected with Agent Orange are dying at a rate of approx. 380 a week.  Does our government care? No.  Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 our government forgot those veterans.  Americans would spit on us, call us baby killers, push us aside at airports and bus stations.  What kind of America did we live in back then?  There was no respect for our men and women in uniform.  The American people have not earned the right to say "Welcome Home", only we who served have that right to include our loved ones. Today many Vietnam veterans are sick from herbicides used during that war.  It took Admiral Zumwalt's comprehensive report to our Congress to pass the Agent Orange Act of 1991 to care for all Vietnam vets infected with Agent Orange.  In 2002, the VA took away those benefits unless the Vet was boots on ground most Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force were left out to dry with no benefits all taken away.  These military members were getting just as sick as those who served in-country.  Legislative Bills were introduced over several years only to fail, because of money.  A Veterans life is not worth the money to care for them, just let them die, a non-caring Congress.  There are two Bills in legislation (again). House Bill HR-969 and Senate Bill S.681.  Americans if you care write and call your members of Congress and Senate to pass those Bills to care for our Vietnam veterans.  If you do not care, then hang your head in shame.

John J. Bury, US Navy retired, Vietnam Veteran
Media, Pennsylvania


Senator Tom Cotton catches Obama red-handed violating an international treaty

Senator Tom Cotton, Cpt.-USN, (R-AR-Senate), an endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, has alerted the U.S. Senate that the occupant of the Oval Office, has already violated the International Iranian Nuclear Weapons Treaty (called an Agreement by the inept leadership in Congress) as explained in the below listed article, because portions of the agreement will remain SECRET. Keeping portions of agreements that Obama enters into with foreign countries, seems to be the way he is able to prevent American citizens from seeing what he is up to, and the Congressional leadership can’t do anything about it. 

The Congressional leaders allowed Obama to reverse the Constitution safeguards, put in place by the Founding Fathers, which require a two-thirds vote of Congress, in order to pass the any International Treaty, including the Iranian International Nuclear Weapons Treaty. Instead the Congress allowed Obama to reverse that process, and are now congress requiring a two-thirds vote, in order to be able to defeat the flawed Iranian International Nuclear Weapons Treaty.

There is also a SECRET side deal in the Unconstitutional International Iranian Nuclear Weapons Treaty, called an Agreement, the Republican leadership in Congress rammed thru Congress despite the American people’s objections. It is a SECRET 800 page Fast Track Trade Promotion (TPP) Bill which Obama signed into Law on July 3. The American people still are not being permitted to see what is in that Unconstitutional Fast Track trade Promotional Law; it will undercut current United States Immigration Laws and Regulations. It will allow Obama to issue work permits to millions of Illegal Immigrants from 50 countries, to allow them to enter the United States without proper screening by Immigrations Inspectors to determine if they have terrorist ties, where they would compete for scarce jobs with 104 million unemployed American workers

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt. USN(Ret)
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
(PAC Mission Statement)
San Diego, California


Keep it up, Mr. Trump

I do not know what Donald Trumps game is, but he is upsetting the apple cart by exposing the wolves in sheep's skins.  Fox News has been a real hawk on trying to get America in a nuclear war with Russia over Syria who tolerated Christians and Jews and the Ukraine. The media seems to want to forget the Cuban Missile Crisis which is a parallel with what we are doing in Ukraine. We toppled their legitimately elected government there.  In fact all the US has been doing is aiding and abetting ISIS ,Al Qaeda factions. The USA could have destroyed ISIS on the ground when they amassed in IRAQ with 4-5 C-130 gun ships. But we didn't. We even were arming the "Osama Bin Laden Brigade" during our bid to take out Syria for Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Hello! Something really stinks and our sheep like manner is now presumed by those who control the main stream media. Whether I would vote for the Donald or not is not the issue. What is the issue is the knee jerk reaction by the both main stream Republicans, Democrats and the media.  That should tell us all something.  Keep it up Mr. Trump, you are doing some good.


Joseph Dupont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Don’t let the EPA drive up electricity costs

PHOENIX – This week the Obama administration released its "Clean Power Plan" regulations after a two-year delay and Americans for Prosperity Arizona is calling on state officials to not respond with an implementation plan until the courts rule on these regulations.

"After a two-year political retreat, President Obama is trying again to take federal control of our electricity with energy mandates that will result in enormous rate increases," said Tom Jenney, state director of Americans for Prosperity Arizona. "We are encouraging lawmakers to protect Arizonans from legally dubious energy mandates by not implementing a plan until their constitutionality has been decided by the courts."

The "Clean Power Plan" demands states comply with new regulations that will result in re-ordering of their power grid, the shutting down of power plants and the forced switch to more costly energy sources.

The EPA needs states to submit their own plan of compliance with these rules and Americans for Prosperity is urging lawmakers to wait until the court challenges to the rules have been decided.

While the Obama administration has claimed that these rules are aimed at climate change, the EPA has admitted that they will have no effect.

"The EPA has admitted that these rules will not curb climate change, but we do know they will harm Arizonans, yet bureaucrats are pushing for completely unattainable emissions reductions."

For further information or an interview, please contact Christian Hertenstein, or 386.490.5746.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen-leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. For more information, visit


Health happy in America

Medical care is a lifelong necessity to a happy normal life.

Here are the solutions to solving the medical care crisis in our country.

Put the very poor and disabled on Medicaid. Essentially that is where they are now.

Allow those with preexisting conditions to buy into Medicare. If they are making just above the poverty rate then give them a financial break. Most people with a preexisting condition do not mind paying. They simply want some health insurance.

Next, allow the working people to have their insurance through their employers or buy insurance from any state in America.  We need more competitive insurance carriers in the market.

The cost of prescription drugs is killing some Americans faster than their diseases. We commonly hear television stories about people going bankrupt because of cancer treatments. It's time for us to Partner with Canada in an International prescription agreement. Our food and drug administration with Canada's partnership could authorize safe drug houses for us to purchase our prescriptions. If you don't mind traveling to Mexico you can already walk into their pharmacies and buy what you want. We need some type of North American Drug Deal that helps sick people buy medicine cost effectively and safely.

Emphasize and fund our county health clinics. Keep nurses on staff who can treat people with basic issues such as viruses and hand out birth control to women and men. Provide care for pregnant women by offering free ultrasounds. The health clinics must have access to our public schools. Representatives should be visiting the schools teaching prevention to at least all the elementary and junior high students. One of the main solutions to solving the medical crisis in our country is teaching our children about good health habits at an early age. In simple terms children need to hear about what is good and what is bad to eat. They need to hear about exercise, sleep, food portions and the importance of flossing and brushing their teeth. Warn them about the dangers of smoking and over drinking. And, it has to be more than just saying something is bad for you. Show pictures of what a smoker's lungs look like. Show pictures of what fat looks like in our bellies.  Obviously our children are not getting this information in their health classes. Our children are getting fatter and fatter and becoming very obese Americans. Thus, they are dealing with diabetes and heart issues at very young ages. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We must press the health information on the minds of American people and make the care available and affordable.

If we live long enough we will all die from some health related issue. However, good medical care is an integral part of living a happy normal life. 

Glenn Mollette
American Syndicated Columnist and Author


Oil consumption in advanced economies hits 20-year low

Oil consumption in advanced economies in 2014 was at its lowest level since 1995, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows.

Use of petroleum in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations, which includes the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, and South Korea, peaked in 2006 at 50.1 million barrels of oil a day. And has been dropping ever since, coinciding with the Great Recession, to 45.5 million barrels a day in 2014.

The last time it was that low was in 1995.

For some perspective, the population of OECD nations has increased by 150 million since that time to about 1.25 billion, indicating that the current levels of consumption are indicative of far weaker demand for petroleum — tied to the weak economy.

At the same time, oil supply worldwide hit an all-time high in 2014 at 93.1 million barrels of oil.
So, demand for oil is sinking at the same time production worldwide increased. Combined with the dollar strengthening at precisely the same time, the price of oil has collapsed dramatically to about $47 a barrel as of this writing — levels not seen since the mid-2000s.

But do not discount other signs of economic weakness. Interest rates dropped all throughout 2014, signaling weaker demand for credit. But that might just be explained by weak economic conditions overseas and a flight to safety into dollar-denominated debt instruments like U.S. treasuries.

Working age populations have been slowing throughout the developed and developing world, which, too, can impact demand negatively, resulting in lower prices.

During the same time period, Europe has been experiencing outright deflation. And now China's stock market has crashed.

U.S. oil consumption was actually up in 2014, but that was not enough to offset the recession elsewhere. It was into that environment that oil producers, led by the U.S. shale oil miracle, dramatically increased production. Of course prices were going to drop.

But this is not simply a supply story. Coupled with other data signaling economic weakness, the lower prices may not be a good indicator of economic growth going forward. They could be a flashing sign warning of an impending recession. Word to the wise.

Robert Romano, Senior Editor
Americans for Limited Government