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By Capt Joseph R. John   |  aUGUST 12, 2015

U.S. History curriculum corrupted by Obama’s Department HEW

In President Ronald Reagan’s administration, and for 212 years prior to his Presidency, the amazing and unique U.S. History of the Republic was taught to the nation’s youth in grammar, junior high, and high schools, using U.S. History text school books that documented an accurate record of the Founding Fathers principles and the true U.S. History of the Republic.  Under the Obama administration, the “positive lessons” previously taught about U.S. History, extolling America’s support for human rights, freedom of religion, the value of the Second Amendment, the importance of the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the independence of man from an oppressive government bureaucracy, have been effectively eliminated from U.S. History text books. 

Many of the positive events that highlighted the greatness of America’s Founding Fathers, that were previously taught to the nation’s youth in U.S. History classes are no longer taught in the nation’s schools.  The new redacted U.S. History curriculum developed by the Obama administration presents a critical view of the Republic and the Founding Fathers.  An inaccurate version of U.S. History is being force fed to the nation’s youth, at the direction of the Progressive, Left-wing Ideologues, Socialists, and Communists in the Obama administration who now control the education agenda.  They use the power of the purse to control the content of the curriculum in all 50 states, to force the purchase of newly produced inaccurate U.S. History text books on school systems across the nation, and they demand compliance of the 50 State Departments of Education, before they will contribute the federal assistance funds to the 50 state’s Departments of Education. 
The Obama administration’s has nationalized school curriculums, and did so without the need to seek a single vote to make such a dramatic change in the politically correct version of U.S. History being taught in schools nationally.  The Obama Department of HEW has effectively redacted and/or changed the U.S. History text books and curriculums once taught in the nation’s schools, and over the last 6 ½ years there has been no attempts by the Republican Leadership in Congress, to demand that the Obama Department of HEW restore the accuracy and exceptionalism of the Republic’s U.S. History curriculum being taught in the nation’s schools.   Progressives, Left-wing, Ideologues, Socialists, and Communists appointed to positions of leadership in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare have “CHANGED” U.S. History text books by eliminating many accurate facts, redacting information, instituted politically correct version of U.S. History, while minimizing the exceptionalism of the Republic’s U.S. History in newly developed text books, and in the curriculum being taught.  Foremost in the Founding Father’s minds when they were creating the U.S. Constitution, was the lesson they learned from their study of world history, of how the Republican form of government in Rome fell to the dictatorship of Caesar, and how “Self-Government of the People” and liberty of the United States would be threatened if the lessons of the Founding Father’s principles were not taught in U.S. History classes.  The Socialist, Left-wing Ideologues, Progressives, and Communists have always been intent on “Changing” America, by sweeping aside U.S. History, and destroying The Free Enterprise System.
For the most part, teacher no longer focus on promoting Patriotism as they once did in the 1940s.  The courageous stories of how the Founding Fathers quest for freedom from the heavy taxation, imposed upon the Colonists by the English Monarch, and how they had to put their lives at risk to draft and sign the Declaration of Independence, is no longer taught in the Obama administration’s nationalized and politically correct U.S. History curriculum.   Today, students are not taught the details about the content of the U.S. Constitution, about importance & content of The Bill of Rights, the details of the American Revolution War of Independence, the details of the Civil War, they are not taught that the United States was the “first country in the world” to free its slaves, that the U.S. entered WWI and WWII to free millions of oppressed & enslaved people from Nazi Socialism, Italian Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, and Communist Socialism.  Much of the “Traditional Story of America”, the Republic’s unique U.S. History, and the true story of its quest for & the defense of individual freedoms, has been effectively eliminated from grammar, junior high, and high schools U.S. History text books and Civics courses. 
America’s best and brightest high school students are now required to take the controversial new Advanced Placement U.S. History (APU.S.H) test, crafted by many of the same left-wing ideologues — including David Coleman — who birthed the unpopular Common Core standards for Math and English. Scholarly critics of the APU.S.H framework are waking up to the dangers of the 70 or more pages of framework demanded to be used for teaching U.S. History by the College Boards in 2012.  That rework of U.S. History testing by the College Boards is designed to replace the original five pages framework and general topics for U.S. History that were previously used for teaching the under-girding and foundation for U.S. History to the nation’s youth.
The Progressives, Left-wing Ideologues, Socialists, and Communists in the Obama Administration have been instituting programs to teach the nation’s youth “A corrupted version of American History that is no longer accurate, not thorough in detail, and not complementary about the principles that have guided the Republic for 239 years.  Any adult who doesn’t believe that statement should simply read any U.S. History book being force fed to students in grammar, junior high, and high schools today; those text books eliminate a great deal of the U.S. History once taught in the nation’s schools.   
By applying pressure, the Department of Health Education and Welfare, was able to get the College Board Advanced Placement U.S. History Test changed, as discussed above, and eliminate many of the questions about U.S. History that were once the hallmark of the College Board Exams.  David Coleman, the President of the College Board, has authorized the changes to the Advancement Placement U.S. History Tests given to students about American’s History---the modified answers force students to accept a very Progressive and corrupted point of view, instead of the accurate version of U.S. History and the “Traditional Story of America.”  Over the last 6 ½ years, by using the new modified, politically correct, and redacted version of U.S. History in newly published U.S. History text books, while teaching the corrupted Obama administration’s version of its U.S. History curriculum, the nation’s youth no longer know much about the true U.S. History of the Republic. 
The story of America’s exceptionalism in U.S. History, in the view of Left-wing Ideologues, and Progressives, is that it is a quaint and excessively positive notion that must be discredited through their programs of re-education of U.S. History, that is being force fed to grammar, junior high, and high school students.  The Left-wing Ideologues believe that, without proper re-training and re-education of a politically correct version of U.S. History, American’s youth will exhibit excessive bias and hostility against those who try to degrade American exceptionalism and Patriotism.  Left-wing ideologues decry the Patriotism that emanates from teaching the nation’s youth the previous accurate record of the U.S. History of the Republic, of highlighting Patriotism in the classroom, pointing out American exceptionalism, and underlining the importance of individual freedoms guaranteed to every American citizen in The Bill of Rights. 
“Stanley Kurtz, a scholar, author, and social critic from Pittsburgh, PA, who obtained his Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from Harvard University, won numerous teaching awards and has written several books.  He was initially one of the liberal professors who shifted his views and became more conservative after observing numerous wrenching instances of hypocrisy and oppressive political correctness being forces upon students by other professors, while he was on the faculty of Harvard University and the University of Chicago.  Kurtz argues that “Progressives have been working to undercut the “Traditional Story of American,” and they have been trying to cover up the understanding of how the principles of liberty and equality have worked well for over 239 years to unify American citizens who came from various backgrounds.  Instead of teaching the “Traditional Story of American”, Progressives have instead focused on oppression and hyper sensitivities about issues concerning race, gender and class that have been intentionally dividing Americans by race, gender, and class since the Obama administration came to power, creating bigotry and hatred in the United States (that destabilizing agenda has been led by the senior staff members of the occupant in the Oval Office for the last 6 ½ years). 

Commenting on the narratives that had been driven in the Ferguson race riots and the gang rape hoax at the University of Virginia, Kurtz says, “young people who are coming out of their Progressive U.S. History classes, are being primed for those kinds of bogus crusades against American exceptionalism” being taught a false narrative of oppression, by liberal professors, who don’t like or support the “Traditional Story of America”, the teachings by those liberal professors actually trump facts.  As for what citizens can do, Kurtz recommends more criticism of the APU.S.H framework by more scholars who are learning of the inaccurate U.S. history being taught in schools, and have become alarmed by Obama’s nationalization of America’s education.  Grassroots activists are encouraged by Kurtz to have their state legislators pass resolutions condemning the new 70 page corrupted College Board framework recommended for teaching U.S. History and are should ask them to reinstate the accurate tests of the true versions of U.S. History, in order to avoid corrupted, politically correct, and Progressive version of College Board test answers.  (From “The Daily Caller”, by Gini Thomas)

With the help of the left of center liberal media establishment, the Obama administration has tried to “CHANGE” the view of America citizens from that of supporting U.S. Sovereignty to modify their views so they will become “Global Citizens”.  Obama has pushed many global and UN initiatives to accomplish that goal, such as his repeated attempts to force the UN’s Small Arms Treaty to be accepted by the U.S. Congress which Secretary Kerry signed even though Congress rejected it (the UN Small Arms Treaty violates the Second Amendment), by forcing the nation to abide by the TPP/TPA Law that abandons U.S. Sovereignty in favor of abiding by the rule of International Tribunals (allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S. from 50 countries without checking their backgrounds for terrorist ties), by Obama’s recent push to by-passing of the U.S. Congress in seeking to first gain the UN’s vote of approval of the Iranian International Nuclear Weapons Treaty before Congress has an opportunity to vote on it (an International Treaty improperly called an Agreement becausse of the inept leaders in Congress who let that occur), by encouraging hundreds of thousands Muslim refugees to enter the U.S. via the UN Resettlement Program which excludes the entry of Christians refugees (allowing that to continue without checking their backgrounds for potential terrorist ties)  The FBI now estimates that upwards of 250 of those entering Muslims have traveled or tried to travel to Iraq to kill Syrian and Assyrian Christians in the ISIS current genocide of Christians.  With the acquiescence of the leaders in Congress, for 6 ½ years, Obama has kept the southern border wide open and unsecure, so hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Central American, Mexico, and the Middle East (including Radical Islamic Terrorists) have been able to simply walk across the wide open border, and enter the U.S. unimpeded.

By opening U.S. to the UN Resettlement Program to include only Muslims (the U.S. has resettled more Muslim refugees that all the nations in the world combined), and by effectively eliminating all U.S. borders with the TPP/TPA Law, that will permit millions of illegal immigrants from 50 nations to enter the U.S. without security checks to determine if they have terrorist ties, Obama has been promoting trans-globalism.  He has been trying to “CHANGE” the U.S. population from that of Patriotic American citizens to “Global Citizens,” from many nations with no allegiance to the principles the Republic was founded on.  Obama support for all these programs over the last 6 and a half years have been antithesis to America’s democratic form of government.   If the U.S. were not to continue to be the sovereign independent Republic the Founding Fathers created, its citizens would not be free.  The Obama administration has been trying to move the Republic away from its independence and sovereignty toward trans-global governance abiding and governed by UN International Treaties and UN Regulations. 
The Republican Leadership in Congress have not safe guarded “Self-Government by the People’—they just gave the American citizens government by International Tribunes with the TPP/TPSA Law that they ramrodded thru Congress.   Asked about the Obama administration’s emphasis on creating “Global Citizens” as opposed to understanding the Founding Fathers principles of “Self-Government by the People”, America, conservative scholars say, Progressives, Left-wing Ideologues, Socialists, and Communists in the Obama administration decry American exceptionalism and belittle “Self-Government by the People.”  Instead, they value trans-globalism, open borders, the U.S. abiding by all United Nations Treaties & Regulations, and expanding the welfare state to CHANGE the Republic into a Socialist State.
By clicking on the below listed link “country knowledge “, you will be able to take a U.S. History test created by Bill O’Reilly the National News Anchor on the FOX News Network.  He did America a favor, by developing this very simple test to bring home the point, that even simple history questions can no longer be answered by the nation’s youth—in the 1950s the nation’s youth would have easily answered every question of his test correctly.  We encourage you to take the below listed U.S. History test, then give it to your children and grandchildren, and pass it on to those in your address book who would want the youth of the nation to be taught an accurate version of the U.S. History and the “Traditional Story of America”.  By viewing the results of the test taken by the youth in your family, you will fully appreciate just how completely Obama has nationalized and corrupted the U.S. History curriculums being taught in the nation’s schools.  The Republican leaders in Congress have done nothing to try to restore the true and accurate U.S. History being taught in the nation’s schools. 
The “Traditional Story of America”, the details of the U.S. Constitution, and The Bill of Rights should be taught to the students in schools across the nation, not the current corrupted version of U.S. History driven by the Progressives in the Obama administration.  The “Traditional Story of America” is what has set the United States of America apart from other nations for 239 years, and why since 1776, over 1.3 million members of the U.S. Armed Forces have made their last full measure of devotion in combat in the defense of the Republic.
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Joseph R. John, U.S.NA ‘62
Capt. U.S.N(Ret)
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
San Diego, California