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August 12 - 18, 2015


For All Signs:  Saturn, planet of reality, is semisquare to Pluto.  I mentioned this aspect in July, but it continues for some time to come.  On the personal level, it requires that you work really hard to hold onto your personal power in the face of circumstances that are not at all conducive to your use of it.  Perhaps you somehow caught between two sets of conflicting “rules”. There is a sense of immediacy about it, as though the work you are doing could make or break your life.  You may have been feeling a clear need to reduce your footprint in the world by elimination of “stuff”. Indeed, major decisions at the corporate or government levels are being made that will affect many lives on Main Street.  The evidence of the Power’s disregard for the people will be all too vivid, but may not be immediate.

Aries:    You will be more than a little bit tempted to pour everything you’ve got into your objectives now.  This energy requires tender handling.  If you push too hard or too fast, you will find others are shoving back.  Use your powers of persuasion to get others on board, so that they add to the energy for good, lest you fail.  Watch the accelerator foot.

Taurus: There is some emphasis on reviewing the past.  An old friend or a relative may seek you out to discuss times gone by.  You are drawn to all things beautiful and truly tempted to buy the wonderful items you see, especially those for your home.  If you need to watch your dollars, leave your credit cards at home and wait a couple of days before making a big purchase.

Gemini:  You may be feeling a lack of direction during the first days of this week.  After the new moon on the 14th the energies shift and you become invested in your projects and friends once again.  Past work on a significant project related to your home pays off now.  You may find the solution to a financial puzzle this week.

Cancer:  Much of your time this week may be absorbed in the care of others who need your attention.  This may occur on a psychological or physical level.  The person needing your assistance may be from your family of origin.  It is part of the Cancer’s place in life, to attend to the comfort of loved ones.

Leo:  Your body wants to express itself in some activity requiring use of muscles.  If that is not possible, you might become snappish.  Your need to compete is heightened.  Activities involving the Internet or travel are favored.  You want to expand your territory.

Virgo:  You will be prone to tell yourself what you want to think this week.  Seek confirmation from others before you draw conclusions.  You will have favorable outcomes with education and/or travel at this time.  Love life and activities involving children will be rewarding.

Libra:  Love and social life are high on your priority list now.  You may not have the time to attend to all your invitations!  Short distance trips, errands, and education, whether it involves teaching or learning, are all on the A rated list.  You have a need to communicate the ideas that rush through your mind.

Scorpio:  You could become embroiled in a battle of wills over whom is right.  In order to steer clear of a war, remain aware that the subject matter is what you think, not who you are.  If the opposition has authority over the matter, use only persuasive measures.  The more ammunition, the better.

Sagittarius:  Next week your ruling planet, Jupiter, is moving forward into the sign of Virgo.  It is probable that you will be singled out for the limelight.  People will be telling you how wonderful you are.  All this attention is enough to inflate anyone.  Keep one foot on the ground so you won’t fall too far when this high time has passed.

Capricorn: You may feel chained to the ground with all the structure and rules around you.  Rules and regulations probably feel overbearing and even unnecessary but there they are.  Do your best to not let this environment get you down.  When we feel mistreated, sometimes we turn around and mistreat another who had nothing to do with it.

Aquarius:  It is possible that there are one or more people working against your better interests.  Circumstances are such that you cannot face them head-on.  It would be easier to have a flat out battle than deal with this petty, secretive undercurrent.  Bide your time until the moment comes that you can be open and confront the issues.

Pisces:  Make a special effort to keep up with keys, tickets, and other small items.  Your feelings are easily injured right now.  On the other hand, you may be the offender, hurting someone else.  Try to stay on the planet and think carefully before you speak.  If you feel "hurt", don't leap to a conclusion before you ask what the meaning is of a behavior or a comment.

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