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don sorchychBY DON SORCHYCH   |  august 5, 2015

Trump and Washington

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Isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump has found the sleeping majority in America, while all Republicans and many Americans have been silenced by political correctness, (PC). Of course, Democrats are PC by nature and have used it as a club by tearing down anyone who thought we had freedom of speech. We do by the Constitution but not in practice. Being a billionaire is a great defense and so are honesty and integrity.

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Guest Editorials:

By Lawrence Sellin, PhD   |  AUGUST 5, 2015

Obama’s biography: Partial assembly required

Barack Obama ran a 2008 campaign that showcased Hope and Change.  He said he would fundamentally change America - it was a nice looking Apple till you nibble around the edges to find a worm.

By Dr. Paul Kengor   |  AUGUST 5, 2015

Larry Flynt’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton: No Laughing Matter

“I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.”

So declared Larry Flynt, founder of the Hustler magazine empire that has made millions photographing nude women. Flynt proffered his enthusiastic endorsement in an interview with Bloomberg.

By Frosty Wooldridge   |  AUGUST 5, 2015

Immigration Invasion: Only Trump Speaks Up For Americans

Donald Trump shook-up all presidential candidates with a stand against illegal immigration. Ironically, all of the Democratic and Republican candidates failed our Constitution in the past – and if you like to bet – those same candidates on both sides of the aisle would continue to allow the invasion of our country.

By Capt. Joseph R. John   |  AUGUST 5, 2015

Almost $200 million donated to congressmen to vote for unconstitutional TPP/TPA and eliminate U.S. sovereignty in favor of international tribunals

If you watch the two short videos (see below), you will fully understand just how Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell have betrayed what American citizens voted for in 2014. By ramming the SECRET 800 page Fast Track Trade Promotional (TPP) Bill and the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) Bill through Congress that nearly 4 weeks after it was signed into law American citizens are still not being permitted to read it.  

By Richard McCarty   |  AUGUST 5, 2015

FOIA reveals unions assisted Labor Dept. with absurd regulations

For decades, companions who sit with the elderly and infirm have been exempt from overtime and the minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act. In 2013, Obama's Department of Labor issued new regulations determining which companions would continue to be exempt from the minimum wage and overtime. These new regulations exceeded what Congress had intended when it passed the legislation, and the regulations were so complex that young and healthy people would have struggled to determine who was exempt, much less the elderly and infirm.

By Sally C. Pipes   |  AUGUST 5, 2015

A new cost of Obamacare: Surging emergency room usage

Emergency room usage has spiked in recent years. That's the depressing finding from a new survey by the American College of Emergency Physicians -- and it's endangering those who need emergency care. The survey concluded that three in four ER doctors have experienced a surge of new patients since the Affordable Care Act became law.