VOL. 21  ISSUE NO. 31   |   AUGUST 5 – 11, 2015


sandi eppleFestering issues seek town resolution

‘This is not being a good neighbor’

CAVE CREEK – Monday night’s Call to the Public brought Tom Davenport to the podium to let council know he was puzzled and “taken aback” by the process in which council selected two people to serve on the planning commission.


COST Act to expose the multi-billion dollar cost of multilingual services

ProEnglish believes the COST Act is an important bill that highlights why we need English as our official language

WASHINGTON – Many people are unaware of the fact that English is not our official language or that the United States has no official language. Although bills have been introduced year after year to make English our official language, Congress has failed to pass such legislation.


Prop 104 – A 35-year, $31.5 billion boondoggle with no accountability

Everyone pays for light rail in Phoenix but the fact is less than 1 percent of those in Phoenix who use public transit, use light rail

PHOENIX – On Aug. 25, Phoenix voters will decide if they want to pass Proposition 104 and increase their current transit tax from 0.4 percent to 0.7 percent (75 percent increase) primarily to expand the already heavily subsidized Metro light rail.

AUGUST 5, 2015

Wave Of Patriotism Rally to happen this Saturday August 8 in Phoenix

PHOENIX – This Saturday, August 8 patriots from around the Valley will be holding a Wave Of Patriotism demonstration on all four corners at the intersection of Tatum and Shea in Phoenix from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

AUGUST 5, 2015

Rep. Salmon introduces final Shrink Our Spending bill for 2015

Cuts funding to government video game

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) has announced the last bill in his 2015 Shrink our Spending Initiative, focused on highlighting and cutting wasteful, taxpayer-funded programs.

AUGUST 5, 2015

Back to Basics: New, Reduced Scottsdale Bond Campaign

SCOTTSDALE – Some 15 years after the city’s last bond election was approved, and years of recession-induced municipal budget cuts, Scottsdale voters will have a chance to enhance key community infrastructure through a series of modest yet needed bond issues that will come before voters November 3rd.

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