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don sorchychTrump and Washington

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Isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump has found the sleeping majority in America, while all Republicans and many Americans have been silenced by political correctness, (PC). Of course, Democrats are PC by nature and have used it as a club by tearing down anyone who thought we had freedom of speech. We do by the Constitution but not in practice. Being a billionaire is a great defense and so are honesty and integrity.

Trump represents a non-political profile as our forefathers hoped, although he and his growing supporters are being labeled racists and bigots. Those labels are why we have been losing the battle for religion, freedom and constitutional privilege.
canfield cartoon of donald trump
Meanwhile, Democrat “journalists” are digging deep to trash The Donald. Recently they dug into his divorce and claimed he had raped his wife. His wife said he had not and that they were very good friends.

The bought journalists also are complaining Trump is a “birther.” He is and so are we. It is clear to forensic document specialists and our own graphic artists that his so-called birth certificate was assembled on a computer using parts from various sources. Furthermore, the document claimed his father’s race was “African,” a term not in use when Obama was born. The birth hospital cited on the forged document didn’t exist then. But Obama was given pass after pass because he says he is black. Actually Obama is a half black or mulatto, but I suppose that is not a PC phrase now.

Keep your eyes on our web page because important articles are being written by conservatives. Many of the articles are too long for our printed and distributed newspaper. Trump’s disclosures are rocking Washington as more and more is coming out about Republican leadership; it is more than disgusting. Lobbyists and their leaders are buying votes from both parties.

The tea party, mostly conservatives, won the last Republican congressional majority and no promises where kept by Senators or House members. They are in Obama’s pocket. A complete circle – congressmen are now slaves to Obama. Washington seems to affect most congressmen and women as soon as they breathe Washington air.

What worries me is the next 17 months. Obama is full of tricks to defeat any actions to counter his hold on our “slave” Congress; he has already put criminals on the street. Who says his parting shot won’t be to empty prisons and confer citizenship to tens of millions of illegals? He is truly a dangerous misfit with friends like Weatherman Bill Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, who should be in prison. Then there is his 12-year-long listen to Reverend Jeremiah Wright who is infamous for his remarks to “God damn America.”

The Republicans could have and should have attempted to impeach him. There was plenty of fodder untouched by national media but easy to find if they had bothered to look.

The only ones to benefit from the Obama administration are historians and authors who will eventually write about the fraud he is.

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There isn’t much going on in Cave Creek but there should be. Our local administration and council are sitting on important issues.

The first is road closures. The tourist season is coming soon and road closures need to be limited to three half day closures. Fiesta Days Parade, CCUSD Homecoming Parade and Wild West Days. Any closures for local businesses should be outlawed. Get some cajones council!
Then there are zoning violations. The history of zoning enforcement is interesting. A decade ago the town considered hiring a code enforcement officer. There was a citizen uproar about having a zoning enforcer sneaking around back yards seeking violations. So if there is to be an investigation of a code violation, a citizen must sign a complaint.

If you think a Call to the Public rant will be investigated it is pretty unlikely.

I made a mistake by complaining to council twice about the fact the Hideaway was approved because of a lie. Owner Ron Krasson presented the change of a building from an ice cream parlor to the Hideaway. Council told him there was wasn’t enough parking. Krasson said they would only park motorcycles. Council said there still wasn’t enough parking. Then came the lie. Krasson said his neighbor, Horny Toad owner Jeff Price, gave him permission to park on his spacious parking lot. Price did not and to this day Price has to hire security to keep Hideaway bikes out of his lot.

Of course Mark Bradshaw, owner of the Hideaway, was the driving force to close lanes on Cave Creek Road for parking for his customers.

So I will go down and sign a complaint.

But now, Bradshaw and partner Jim O’Toole, in the now renamed Roadhouse (formerly Tap Haus), there are more problems.

Apparently the Roadhouse had a permit for internal changes, but the problem I learned about is all outside.

Roadhouse has made significant outside changes, some of which are encroaching on the town’s right of way. The town’s easement is narrowed as a result and their traffic routing blocks the walkway.

Apparently, there was a meeting with Bradshaw, Town Manager Peter Jankowski and others about the transgressions.

I am told the air was filled with F bombs and I doubt they were uttered by Jankowski or his staff.

A real problem exists here if there is an accident on an easement owned by the town the town is liable. You may remember the original Roadhouse bankrupted because an uninsured employee got into a wreck and they were uninsured. Is this karma time?

And by the way, a citizen filed a complaint Monday about the retention pond on T.C. Thorstenson’s Hogs ‘N Horses property, which is now braced with lights in order to create additional parking.