Ann Coulter - an American Heroine

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steele coddingtonAnn Coulter's new book, Adios America should get her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In the book she comes out like a lion fighting to expose the incredibly destructive force that Immigration into America has become. It's a fight the public does not realize it is losing - along with its country. This book is a warning document every American needs to read to understand the real nature of what she describes as "the left's plan to turn our country into a third world hellhole," and how they are achieving it by taking in the dregs of the world's immigrants, and brainwashing us about how good it is for us!

Fat chance she'll get a Medal of Freedom when the architect who awards it is the master mind of the "Fundamental Transformation" of America, turning it into a Mecca for third world immigrants. With little skills, education or ambition they fulfill one purpose: flood the country with potential new voters who will vote Democrat as long as they are rewarded with a long list of government benefits. Democrat, Progressive, lefties can't change America because their ideology has never worked anywhere. So they want to change the voters.
Immigration has become a new sinister equation: "Third World immigration + massive welfare
+ political correctness = The End of America"

Immigration has become a giant stealth political movement equivalent to a covert military operation with a Commander-in-Chief directing the operation in the White House by Executive Order. The Obama agenda has been rejected in so many ways by the vast majority of American voters, who demonstrated their rejection in the 2014 elections, that his "Changes" can only be manipulated through unelected bureaucratic immigration programs and engineering that no one in their right mind would approve of in an election.

The benefits new immigrants receive are probably paving the way to a whole new America controlled by radical leftists who "buy" their control with gifts involving welfare, food stamps, free health care, tax credits, affirmative favoritism, etc, etc. A grand scheme unrevealed and undisclosed by a mealy-mouthed media that values its access to the White House over the slightest concern for the deterioration of the greatest Republic of all time.

And that is the value of Coulter's book. It debates the Joseph Goebbels-like propaganda of the Obama Regime and media in minute detail and discloses the brutal truth about the immigration scam with specific, undisputable citations. She isn't scared off by the left's inevitable slander of "racist" or "cruel" or false premises of lies about the advantages of massive immigration that sound so noble. Their favorite deceptions express the leftist baloney that "America is a nation of immigrants," and "Diversity is a strength." Those and other brain-wash slogans disguise the real reason they come here and that is for welfare benefits. The transfer of money from American tax payers to poverty-stricken immigrants from primitive cultures may benefit them, but it doesn't do anything to benefit America.

The book reveals some of the groups promoting immigration and the transfer of wealth – La Raza, George Soros Foundation, Southern Poverty Law Center, etc, etc. All advocates for how good immigration is for America. And if the section of the book on Somali immigrants who descended on Minnesota doesn't scare the hell out of you, it won't be long before you'll accept a new government law that will require you to report any immigrant working at a job, so they can be returned to the welfare rolls where they belong. We'll continue to excerpt from Coulter's book. You really should read it with all its revelations, wit, wisdom and satire to see where your country is going!