JULY 29, 2015

Never Again Is Now! Summer Series presented by Moral Action Ministry on August 15

Latest Events Pertaining to Martyrdom Caused by ISIS

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SCOTTSDALE – Dr. Malak Malak will give an update on the Slaughter of Coptic Christians in Libya, and updates of any successes in Egypt to eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, from the Sinai Peninsula. His travels the last 2 months will enlighten the audience about the current crisis’s facing Egypt.

Arming the Minority Christians in Syria and Iraq. Jeff Gardner will describe the work his groups are doing in these Countries. This force, called the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU), will be composed mainly of Assyrians who have already volunteered to fight ISIS. Thanks to the work of the Assyrian Democratic Movement in Iraq, this force is already being organized, trained and equipped. www.RestoreNinevehNow.org and www.PictureChristians.org are just two of the organizations that he is working through to help the Persecuted Minorities and bring the truth out about the Middle East.

Ancient Christians in Despair- descriptions and solutions to the Persecution of Iraqi’s, Syrians, Kurds, Armenians, and Yazidi’s in the Middle East. Mona Oshana will update her works and talks from her presentation on June 20, at the NSCC.

ISIS, Israel, and the World. Jack Zimmerman is the Staff Evangelist for Jewish Voice Ministries International, and the Messianic Rabbi for Tree of Life Congregation in Phoenix. An award winning news reporter, Jack covered papal visits and interviewed state and world leaders, including the President.

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