JULY 29, 2015

The best magazine nobody’s ever heard of

Arizona Wildlife Views awarded the best state wildlife magazine in the nation

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PHOENIX – At least 31 of the 50 states publish a magazine about wildlife and outdoor recreation, promoting appreciation for America’s natural heritage. In any given year, only one of those magazines can be named “the best state wildlife magazine in the nation.”

wildlife viewsThis year, that title was awarded to Arizona’s magazine, Arizona Wildlife Views.

“We’re the best magazine you’ve never heard of,” said editor Heidi Rayment, who has helmed the magazine for the past 11 years. “When people who appreciate nature and the outdoors discover Arizona Wildlife Views, they often tell me, ‘I can’t believe I never heard of this before!’”

Published by the Arizona Game and Fish Department since the 1950s, Arizona Wildlife Views doesn’t have a big advertising budget to bring it to the attention of potential readers. All of its resources are devoted to developing articles that educate people about wildlife conservation and help readers enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting and the shooting sports. The 48-page magazine offers outstanding photography as well, setting readers eye-to-eye with wildlife.

“In a state that holds more than 800 native wildlife species — the most of any inland state — we never run out of good material,” Rayment said.

Arizona’s wildlife magazine earned the top honor this year in the state wildlife magazine category from the Association for Conservation Information, a nonprofit association of information and education professionals representing state, federal and Canadian agencies, and private conservation organizations. The magazine also earned kudos for writing and design.

The awards were announced at the association’s annual banquet July 17 in Flagstaff.

A one-year subscription to Arizona Wildlife Views costs $8.50 for six issues, including a calendar issue featuring winners of an annual wildlife photo contest. Every subscription includes access to a digital version for viewing on computers, smartphones and e-readers.

“Winning this national award means a lot,” Rayment said, “but what matters most is for this magazine to continue helping people appreciate Arizona’s amazing wildlife and outdoor recreational opportunities.”