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don sorchychTrump still a good guy

Even though the national election isn’t until November of next year there will be much news about it. The early acceptance of Donald Trump by many is a good sign. Somehow the low information voters need to be defeated by aggressive and truthful exposure of the current politics in Washington. Hope springs that the current 35 states which seek a Convention of States will be joined by three more states for the requisite 38 states needed.

There is a common belief that the scandalous lack of border closure and deportation is because the Democrats want the votes and Republicans want the cheap labor. What else could it be? I think Donald Trump will force his competitors to debate the obvious treachery of Congress and presidents past and present.

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Recent disgusting rulings by the supreme court (undeserving of capitalization) underline the need for constitutional amendments to shorten their stay on the bench. Look what Federal Judge Murray Snow is trying to do to Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been voted into the sheriff’s office for over 22 years. It is federal chicanery that a known enemy in the white house is trying to destroy a critic.

It may be too late for our republic by the time historians tell us just how lame and dishonest the Obama administration is. Obama’s cabinet is made up of communists, extreme leftists and black activists … all friends of his that share his far leftist leanings.

Our slide to Euro status has been deliberately caused by Obama’s desires. The new president in 2016 will find it extremely difficult to get our world status back with an overwhelming debt, much of it owned by the Chi-Coms. But don’t be surprised if Obama has a strategy to remain in office. If that happens there will be a revolution.

Our national press, television and Internet have clearly been silent on all of Obama’s actions, except those he uses to glorify himself. National media is a ghost of what it once was.

Remember the yawn from national media when Obama’s first action as President was to return the British gift of a bust of Churchill? That was telling in that he was accusing Churchill of imperialism; he has accused the United States of the same thing in talking to other national leaders. He denies our exceptionalism. He bowed to a Saudi King, showing his Islamic nature.
His support of any black is well-known as is turning his back when whites are killed or harmed by blacks.

It is time for Republicans to take their gloves off and tell the country how they have been fooled and what Obama is, chapter and verse.

So far Donald Trump has ignored political correctness (PC), spoken the truth about how both parties have failed to protect the country’s borders and have failed to send illegal aliens home according to federal law.

His recent savaging of John McCain about his POW experience is over the top. But telling the truth about his lack of political savvy is fair game. McCain is a RINO at best who spends most of his time on the Democrat side of the aisle. McCain picked the fight with Trump by saying Trump had stirred up the “Crazies.” I am one of the crazies and have been since I started Sonoran News 20 years ago.

If McCain had any real ability he would have led the parade to close the borders and send all of the illegal aliens home. McCain’s position was that it would be impossible to send illegals home, although history shows otherwise. Operation Wetback began in 1954 when General Ike Eisenhower was President, lasted about ten years and was highly successful. Officials at the time were adamant that an estimated twelve million illegal aliens could easily be caught and sent home. Led by a retired general, they reassigned to non-border posts all border officials who were friendly to the agricultural interests that hired wetbacks. They raided ranches and farms and arrested illegal aliens and owners who hired them. They put them on boats and sent them 500 miles to the south so they couldn’t easily return.

Today it isn’t PC to call illegal aliens wetbacks. They got that name from swimming the Rio Grande River to get from Mexico to America.

Illegal aliens isn’t PC either so liberal newspapers like the Arizona Republic use “migrants” to describe illegal aliens. They aren’t migrants they are criminals. Mexican activists want to make illegal aliens a hate word or crime.

I hope Trump continues his tirades. It is about time a man of power is speaking the truth. I can easily forgive him for attacking McCain, who is a useless politician. However, please leave his war record alone. There are dark sides to it but also patriotism.