JULY 15, 2015

Desert Foothills Independent Film Festival

10:30 a.m. – Noonish;   Fridays through August 28

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Free popcorn and soft drinks! Exceptional selections from film festivals around the world. Check our website or visit the library for a flyer with descriptions. No registration.

July 17: Life Itself -120 min. (R)
The life of Roger Ebert. A warm & poignant look at the best known film critic in the world. For anyone interested in a life well lived, flaws and all.

July 24: A Most Wanted Man - 122 min. (R)
Last performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman. A Chechen Muslim illegally immigrates to Hamburg & gets caught up in the international war on terror.

July 31: Lunch Box - 104 min. (PG)
Delivery of lunch boxes to homes & businesses is a serious job in India. A young woman & an older man meet through written notes in the boxes.

Aug 7: Frank - 95 min. (R)
A quirky musician spends all of his time encased in a large paper mache mask. He explores the thin line be tween genius & insanity.

Aug 14: Leviathan - 140 min. (R) Subtitles
A Russian leader transforms the nation for the worse. Focuses on a small coastal town & the ways in which the powerful destroy the not-powerful.

Aug 21: Snowpiercer - 126 min. (R)
Both wickedly funny & genuinely thought-provoking. A failed climate change experiment provides some of the best & weirdest genre visuals of the year.

Aug 28: Finding Vivian Maier – 83 min. (NR)
Discovered after her death, a nanny’s unknown collection of 100,000 street photos earned her the title of the Secret Shooter.

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