New Arizona gun laws took effect July 3

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Arizona had its shortest legislative session since 1968, but it still kept gun-rights activists busy. All the bad bills – those that would infringe on gun rights – were killed, but some very important good ones died as well. Of the 27 gun bills proposed, only four passed, and a fifth tightened ballot-proposition rules to help prevent chicanery that might occur when an attempt is made to change our gun laws by outside dark money forces in 2016.

Of the 1,163 bills introduced in total, 344 were sent to Gov. Doug Ducey. He signed all but 20 of them.

Arizona's gun laws grew slightly on Friday, July 3, 2015, by 165 words or 0.04 percent, and the new laws are now linked and explained in detail on the “Updates” page. In summary:

1- Hunting guides can carry any type of firearm;
2- You can't harass hunters and get a hunting license;
3- The preemption statute, which puts gun-law authority at the state level, is tightened;
4- The ability to restore lost firearm rights is expanded slightly;
5- The ballot-initiative procedures are tightened to protect against abuse.

Some important bills were lost this year due to the short session, a less than vigorous effort on the part of some legislators, and outside dark money flooding the state to restrict and infringe on the rights to arms we currently enjoy in Arizona. That conflict will heat up as we approach the 2016 elections, with plans already announced to target Arizona specifically – by former NY mayor Mike Bloomberg, who has more money than some states have in their annual budgets.

According to gun-rights advocates, the big loss was defeat of a bill to guarantee that guns could not be brought into government buildings, with cost cited as the main objection from opponents. Without such guaranteed controls, including metal detectors, guards and controlled entries, the bill would have prohibited signs or policies banning FBI-certified CCW permitees from legally entering, along with anyone else who strolled in discreetly armed, whether bent on mayhem or not. The concerns about make-believe gun-free zones have been brewing nationwide.

The entire update is available here:

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