Guest Editorial

By Don Bitler  |  JULY 1, 2015

Constitutional Carry the answer?

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Is more gun control always the fall back position of the current administration? Isn’t it time the individual states as well as the federal government in the United States of America ponders the advantages and disadvantages of concealed carry of firearms by law abiding citizens?

Why, as a nation, do we resist the actual facts our records show us regarding constitutional concealed carry in those states who have enacted such laws? Could they not act as a proving ground for solving the problem(s) we have with shooters, and mass murderers, in cases like what just happened in South Carolina? Why is it we “cannot” see restricting law abiding citizens is short sighted and most certainly is assisting these cold blooded murderers? Is that what “we” want?

Concealed carry is not as effective in reducing crime when it is not constitutional carry (everyone having the opportunity to carry concealed if they so desire without a special permit with constitutional carry). As a matter of fact in some states where obtaining a concealed carry permit is not automatic (must issue) concealed carry has little if any effect on crime and possibly never will have. Furthermore, just having to obtain a permit reduces or limits the possibility of citizens having a concealed weapon. Once again, that favors the criminal. On the other hand however, in every state where concealed carry is a constitutional right (no special permit necessary) it has a positive effect on crime and crime is decreasing annually. The lack of, or resistance to, passing a law allowing constitutional carry supports the criminal. “Not law enforcement or the law abiding citizen.”

Consequently, it seems the answer to many crimes, if not all gun crimes, is not more gun control but the opposite approach could have a positive effect. We have tried restrictions on guns to no avail, for approximately 86 years (in violation of the second amendment). None of them have had the effect we seek or were hoping for, (that being curtailing gun crimes). Is it not time to try a different approach? Doing the same thing over and over unsuccessfully, for 86 years, is not exactly demonstrating our intelligence. Since constitutional carry has become law in Arizona crime (nearly all crime) has gone down considerably. It is further fact we are at a disadvantage being a border state. Under, the present administration, that is, since they refuse to close or even restrict the illegal flow of people, including criminals, across our southern border.

Who thinks there will not be those who abuse this? No one should! There are those within our society who abuse every law in the land. However, this one could have dire circumstances for those who do if the proper precautions are taken.

Trying to restrict law abiding citizens’ gun rights rather then taking advantage of the assistance they “could” provide to law enforcement seems to be idiotic at best. Everyone does not have to carry they just have to have the “right to carry” which in turn puts a degree of uncertainty into the occupational safety and success of the criminals actions and that in itself may suppress crime to a degree. Certainly it makes the criminals action more in doubt regarding success.
There are more guns per capita in the United States of America then any other nation in the world. There is little doubt about that. So why are we not taking advantage of the good law abiding citizens we have here instead of attempting to criminalize them? We actually have an untapped resource here our government is ignoring. There are studies that claim nine out of every ten Americans (now) own a firearm. Some own dozens or more. Many also own hundreds (again many have thousands if not tens of thousands) of rounds of ammo. That fact alone suggests it would be an impossible task to accomplish the goal of the present president and confiscate all the firearms and ammunition now legally owned by law abiding citizens in the United States. Many of whom would be made into criminals if such a thing is ever attempted by any president. At least half will not comply.

In the final analysis guns do not have to be a problem in this once great nation. If they were treated properly by government they could become an asset of indisputable value but it will take a change of heart (thinking) within that government and certainly the present administration. Should we not ask what would have happened if one, or more, of those church goers had been armed rather then just the shooter? How about Newtown, Aurora and Virginia Tech (all were gun “free” zones - protecting, if not inviting, the shooters) what if there had been a legal armed citizen or citizens at those mass murders. Surely it is obvious the outcome could have been more favorable and less victims. Finally the good guys outnumber the bad guys thousands, if not tens of thousands, to one here in America. We, as patriotic citizens, just have to approach that fact purposely and intelligently.