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Heroes among us

I knew both Ted Williams and John Glenn. Ted was a reserve and got called up and joined us at El Toro, Marine base in Irvine, CA just a week before we went to Korea. Our outfit was VMF 311, First Marine Air Wing. I first met John Glenn when he was in Hawaii as an instructor pilot because he was too old to be in a fighter squadron.

That was when Joe Foss and I, along with others, were sent from the front to be treated for Malaria. Treatment took 2 weeks and then we each got one week R & R and we could go anyplace flights were available. Old Joe went to Australia and back to out VMF 121 and I got a flight to Hawaii as I wanted to see what damage the Japanese did to our fleet on 12-7-1941. I went over to the Marine base and that was where I met John Glenn. He was 28 years old which was to old to be a fighter pilot so he was checking out younger pilots to fly the new F4U. I was looking at the plane and he saw my wings and asked if I'd like to fly it. I did and John checked me out.

Blaine Keith


A guest editorial promoting climate change denial

Last month, six major oil and gas companies endorsed a letter stating "Climate change is a critical challenge to our world." An Exxon Mobil VP said "The risk of climate change is clear and the risk warrants action." And the Sonoran News runs a guest editorial promoting climate change denial.

Get your head out of your conservative ass, Don. Providing public platforms to misinformed, right wing wingnuts is irresponsible.

I dare you to print this in your Letters to the Editor section.

James Baker

Editor note: Just because six major oil companies make a statement doesn’t mean it is the truth. Junk science is junk science regardless of the voice(s) touting it.



Everyone seems to want to be something other than what they are. Bruce Jenner wanted to be a woman, so he became Catlin. Michael Jackson apparently didn't care for his natural background and became, what, white, Diana Ross? Elizabeth Warren, in an effort to attract votes, embraced a fictitious tribal heritage and now we have Rachel Dolezal creating a false genetic self.

Genealogy tells me both sides of the family were of British origin, but being born in America I think I'll choose to be Native-American.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


High Altitude Chambers to the moral rescue?

To me there is no such thing as cruel and unusual punishment when it comes to some unthinkable crimes. Do your readers know that every year between 200,000 to 400,000 Americans die in the hospital because of screw ups by medical professionals.  When this happens during a lethal injection of a murdering piece of garbage the bleeding hearts come out in mass. The simple solution is to set up high altitude chambers which close to 20,000 military personnel experience hypoxia in every year.  The reason for this is give the pilots and parachutists experience of what happens when you fly too high without supplemental oxygen. A pilot can go from a state of having total mental abilities to sleep within seconds without any pain.
Currently the use of straight nitrogen as a form of terminating a person sentenced to die is under consideration.  They could have always used Carbon Monoxide as Dr. Kevorkian used on his terminal patients. Using a high altitude chamber would seem the most tested method of putting someone to sleep without pain during the transition. Like I said, close to 20,000 military personnel voluntarily subject themselves to potentially passing out due to lack of oxygen. Surly if it is good enough for patriotic Americans to endure, we should not lose sleep over using the process to terminate low life animals who had no concern about those they killed.


Joseph Dupont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Mister President, reparations

Reparations: If you guessed reparation is related to the word repair, you are right. Both come from the Latin word meaning "to restore." While reparation has a range of meanings, they all convey the sense of fixing or making up for a past wrong. In contemporary usage, the plural form is more common than the singular. Victims of a crime, for example, may receive reparations from the perpetrators. A defeated nation may be forced to pay reparations to its victorious enemies. Many have suggested that the United States government should provide reparations to the descendants of slaves. The word almost always has legal or political connotations, and it conveys the sense of restitution "often expressed in money" for wrongdoing.

This is what we will remember ...

It doesn't really bother us that you're not truly a BLACK PRESIDENT ... we can live with it – just another politician pimping votes and hustling influence ... BUT, what does bother us is the millions of our people who TRULY BELIEVE they REALLY have a BLACK President ... and they don't. This is unforgivable.


M.E Goodwin
Los Angeles, California


Higher energy costs will put an unfair burden on Arizona families

As the President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), I frequently travel throughout the U.S.  And in my journeys, I’m quite often struck by the fact that so many families are struggling to find financial security.  I find it troubling that hardworking Americans are often eking out a living, barely making it from paycheck to paycheck. 

I often wonder how these families are managing to keep food on their table?  And how, during a particularly bitter winter season, did they manage to keep their homes warm? 

I raise this point because I’m particularly concerned by new regulations that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing.  As a step toward addressing climate change, the EPA wants to greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning power plants, and wants governors across the country to close the coal-fired plants in their states. 
Such a move could significantly affect Arizona residents because coal-fired power plants provide roughly 40% of the state’s electricity.  Many other states also depend heavily on coal, which means that the affordability of electricity for millions of Americans is at stake. 

The problem with the EPA’s plan is that the power plants in question often provide the largest portion of our electricity, and usually at the most affordable rates. No matter one’s views on the climate issue, the EPA’s approach is simply too blunt. There is already a consensus among energy experts who oversee the nation’s public utilities that the EPA plan will cut power production without offering reliable alternatives, and will have almost no actual impact on climate.  The only tangible result will be a significant jump in the cost of electricity for both homes and businesses. 

So let’s focus for a moment on those families who are struggling to make ends meet.  What will higher monthly utility bills mean for them?  Paying for electricity is not a discretionary expense.  The poor and the elderly on fixed incomes already pay an out-sized portion of their limited budget in order to have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.  And they already have fewer dollars to pay for these necessities. 

I understand the intended reasoning of the EPA plan, namely to cut carbon dioxide emissions.  But we already have it within our power to move toward a cleaner environment without causing harm to lower income Americans.  We have clean coal, and advanced technologies are already helping us achieve lower emissions.  And U.S. power plants are already far cleaner than factories and power plants in Asia. 

We can get to a cleaner environment without victimizing those who are already struggling financially.  And so, before the EPA adopts these measures, it should think twice about pursuing extreme rules that will have a negligible environmental impact, but could bring great pain to hard-working everyday Americans. 

Dr. Charles Steele Jr.
President and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference



What if worries about water shortages aren't focused on the underlying problem?  What if the hidden issue is that a global elite wants to control people?  And what if the weapon the elites are using to control people is the weather?

Historiographer Elana Freeland, author of Chemtrails, HAARP, And The Full Spectrum Dominance Of Planet Earth, says in her book that a conspiracy lies therein.

Freeland says, "Extreme weather"--floods, drought, snowstorms in spring, heat waves in winter, tornadoes in Colorado, 9.0 earthquakes, etc. is indeed due to HAARP and other ionospheric heaters around the globe blasting the ionosphere and ionizing our atmosphere with microwaves for various political, economic and biological agendas." can be made to draw rain from our area to another, or just as easily dry up moisture and produce extreme drought. A drought, hurricane, tsunami, can terrify small developing nations into submission or serve as an instrument of blackmail..." Spraying chemtrails across most of the globe is the elites' plan to get total control. Freeland was able to get through the chemtrail plot by reading thousands of U.S. government open source documents.

Elana Freeland's book is available from American Free Press, l6000 Trade Zone Avenue, Unit 406, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774, Call AFP toll free at l-888-699-6397 to charge.

Arden Druce
Camp Verde


More victories in the fight for liberty

During the American Revolution, the British read the papers every day and heard constantly of General Washington’s failures. Yet what they did not see was the strategic increase in strength and partnership with foreign nations that Washington used to lead the colonists to victory against the Crown.

In today’s fight for liberty, you may hear the media talk about all of the losses of freedoms and Liberty that we, as loving patriots endure. You may be told that Big Government will triumph and that the citizenry is losing the fight.

But the Convention of States movement is achieving massive victories in the fight for liberty.
Just this year, we filed the Convention of States application in 34 state legislatures. Of those 34 states, 19 have passed initial committee votes already, after filing.

Additionally, 3 state Senate chambers and 8 House chambers have moved from Committee to passing the application via their respective floor votes thus far.

All of this progress builds on the valiant efforts of activists in Georgia, Alaska, Florida, and just recently Alabama who have all passed the COS application in both houses!

We are achieving victories, but just like General Washington, we will have many battles before we win the war and return self-governance to the states and our fellow citizens. Will you help us reach our "Guard Our Independence" campaign goal of $100,000? You can help us recruit, train, and mobilize our citizen activist troops to secure more victories as we march towards Independence Day together.

Yours in the fight,

Mark Meckler, President
Convention of States Action