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don sorchychDark side law breakers

I have emailed people I believe are what I call Creekers, people who want Cave Creek to be what they believed Cave Creek was when they moved here. I wanted them to see what one of the Slate losers, Reg Monachino, was trying to do to disrupt the June 15 council meeting and Sonoran News’ renewal of our relationship with town council, post slate and post Glassman.

Dear Creeker,
This email (below) was sent to a number of Creekers. I would appreciate your attendance at the council meeting to help refute their lies and future attendance to support the council.
Don Sorchych

canfield cartoon

From: Reg Monachino []
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:20 PM
Subject: Town Council Meeting
Importance: High

On Monday June 15th at Call to the Public, George Ross will speak.
He will condemn the Sonoran News as a racist, anti-Semitic publication.
Council will be provided with copies of the Nazi cartoon and threats published in the tabloid.
He will ask Council to rescind its recent reward of advertising revenues to the tabloid.
Please help support George by attending the meeting. Your presence and your voice, if you care to speak, will demonstrate that the citizens of Cave Creek will not tolerate bigotry and religious threats to anyone.

Reg Monachino

That Monochino is a jerk is a fact of long standing but at least George Ross is interesting in that he was a Marine pilot, a commercial pilot and for a while a stunt pilot.

There was another Cave Creek person who was an air force pilot and a commercial pilot. Ross was telling me one time how stupid the person was. I said, “How can he be stupid since he was a combat pilot and a commercial pilot?” Ross answered, “To be a pilot all you need is hand eye coordination, you don’t have to be smart.” If that is true, it certainly applies to Ross.

Ross, according to dimwit Monachino, believes we are racist and anti-Semitic. Why then did Ross hang around our offices spending hours giving us his world view and ask us to print countless guest editorials? Is it because he was a pilot and stupid like he says?

Ross was once an activist at town hall, was on the Board of Adjustment for a long time and seemed to enjoy being on the budget committee, at least if he got his own way. Through that process he developed a dislike of Town Manager Usama Abujbarah and Mayor Vincent Francia. When he was challenged about running for office he gave no explanation of his feelings.

When Trenk and his slavish followers came on the scene, Ross became a supporter and contributor for some of them. Now he uses low information Monachino to carry his libelous assertions about Sonoran News.

The following message was sent to Monachino on Monday June 15

Mr. Monachino,
Be aware that all Sonoran News material is copyrighted. Any distribution of written material or graphics is actionable under the law. Sonoran News will strongly defend its rights, which you say you and George Ross plan to violate.

Don Sorchych
Sonoran News

Apparently the fable about anti-Semitism began with dark side assertions that a cartoon by Bil Canfield which suggested care about where you go. The cartoon showed a neighborhood shaped like a Swastika. Canfield is a 93 year-old patriot who served in WWII. His attempt was to show the worse place you could go would be Nazi like, which had nothing whatever to do with Jewish people. People who go the next step to say it was anti-Semitic are totally off base since in fact it portrays the opposite, that Nazi is not good.

I was reminded though that in that issue Adam Trenk, who is Jewish, made that claim and then used the falsehood to hide his residence and likely live in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley rather than in Cave Creek. He also claimed we poisoned his horse and cut a brake line. None of which are true.

Sonoran News has printed many Guest Editorials which favored Israel and Jewish people and their accomplishments.

Reporter Linda Bentley is Jewish and has worked here for 14 years. Would she have stayed if we were anti-Semitic? Conservative writers and lawyers all praise her work. She is the best!
The assertions of the dark side are libelous!

Then the odd couple, Monachino and Ross, claim we are racist. The use of that term is why we have an incompetent president; he uses the racist claim and the mainstream media shakes to avoid the R word. We don’t because we know how and why it is used.

We are a conservative newspaper; does that make us racist? Our conservative writers scorn Jesse Jackson and the slimy Al Sharpton and their NAACP buddies and that goes for the Black Panthers too. These forces are destroying the country.

In the same light the border crossers should be sent back immediately, not because most are Hispanic, but because they are breaking our laws. If we were on the Canadian border we would have the same view.

Once again we are being libeled by low information trouble makers.