In life, changes abound! Morris Hall can help with estate updates

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west hunsackerCAREFREE – There have been some changes to the premier estate planning firm of Morris Hall, PLLC, first and foremost that it has shortened its name since Kevin Kinghorn has opted to pursue other endeavors. In addition, MH has named new partners: Jim Plitz in the New Mexico office, Wendy Harn in Tucson and West Hunsaker (left) in its Carefree location.

Hunsaker has a strong presence in the Cave Creek/Carefree community and in September will be president of the local Kiwanis. He currently serves as co-chair of Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and on the National Advisory Board for Make-A-Wish.

Much like the fluid nature of a thriving business, documents such as wills, trusts, healthcare powers of attorney and mental health POAs should all be reviewed and revised as needed. Hunsaker explained, “Laws, both state and federal, change, life changes, family dynamics change. You want to make sure your estate planning reflects that.”

If you moved to Arizona from another state, laws may vary, so assure your loved ones are protected with a reexamination from the experts at Morris Hall. “I’ve had people come in with wills and the beneficiaries they named they hadn’t seen in 10 years,” Hunsaker said.

If you had a healthcare POA written and want to add a mental health POA, be sure the same people are named in both as problems can arise if different people are listed. If divorced and remarried, let the professionals at MH check to assure your current spouse is your beneficiary.
Or maybe you’d like the newest grandchildren to receive part of your estate. Before another year or another decade sneaks by, if you haven’t made preparations to protect your loved ones after your demise, do so pronto. If you made arrangements in another state or more than a couple years ago, call for a free consult so you know things in your trust are as intended. Peace of mind is what you get with the folks at Morris Hall.

The north Phoenix branch of Morris Hall is located at 7208 E. Cave Creek Rd., Suite A and may be reached at 480-455-3693. (See for more details.)