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Dear Creeker,
This email (below) was sent to a number of Creekers. I would appreciate your attendance at the June 15 council meeting to help refute their lies and continued future attendance to support the council.

Don Sorchych

From: Reg Monachino []
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:20 PM
Subject: Town Council Meeting
Importance: High

On Monday June 15th at Call to the Public, George Ross will speak.
He will condemn the Sonoran News as a racist, anti-Semitic publication.
Council will be provided with copies of the Nazi cartoon and threats published in the tabloid.
He will ask Council to rescind its recent reward of advertising revenues to the tabloid.
Please help support George by attending the meeting. Your presence and your voice, if you care to speak, will demonstrate that the citizens of Cave Creek will not tolerate bigotry and religious threats to anyone.
Reg Monachino

Thanks to all the council Cave Creek has agreed to print legal ads in Sonoran News. An estimated 40 or so dark side (DS) people showed up to snarl, but that has become a regular occurrence in this town. The last election proved they are a minority in town but must have little excitement in life except council meetings – and trying to control commissions is their forte. The lies they tell about us are old, stale and wrong. Must be liberals.

I want to thank the council and mayor for making a non-political decision, even though they were accused of paying Sonoran News back for their support. But that is the DS for you, that is how they think and they supported the type of people in the slate.

I am still hopeful the real creekers of Cave Creek put the council agenda on their calendar, computer or cell phone and support the council. It is a good one. But remind yourself too, they are putting a lot of their life on hold to contribute to the town’s progress and they shouldn’t be set adrift. They face the angry mob of (DS) people every meeting who try to bend the will of council to do the right thing to doing what is wrong. They need to hear reason rather than DS distorted versions of reality.

bil canfield editorial cartoon
During the June 1 council meeting T.C. Thorstenson, owner of Hogs & Horses, said during Call to the Public he had a solution to the road closure issue. He said the motorcyclists could park on his property.

I asked him later if he meant it and he said he did. He is certainly within his property rights to do that. The only issue I see is paving is expensive and RUBs (Rich Urban Bikers) don’t like parking their expensive bikes on dirt. Let’s see what happens.

In the meanwhile, for whatever reason the Tap Haus reached back a few years and once again assumed the name of Roadhouse. The company that owned the Roadhouse had to declare bankruptcy because a young employee had an accident. Roadhouse was sued, and lacking insurance, had to declare bankruptcy. For believers in brand names is that a mistake? I guess we’ll see.

rabbitOn the wildlife front baby quail are abundant so please watch your speed. Lots of breeding pairs are racing around too.

Shari Jo and I wondered why a single-edge saw left outside on a bench had fallen off the bench. This morning while having breakfast I saw a large rabbit standing on its hinds legs on the bench to reach tree foliage. It would bite off a branch and then sit on all fours to eat. I got pictures and here they are, but the mystery about who moved the saw is solved.

I receive about 200 emails every day as does Shari Jo. I got one a few days ago asking if Kiwanis Marketplace was in financial trouble since they noticed the parking lot was empty. They must have checked on Monday or Tuesday, because the market is closed then. A Kiwanis officer told me they are doing quite well. If you haven’t been there check them out. Do the math. The things they sell are donated so their prices are dirt cheap and the Marketplace is run by volunteers.

Another common question is will the McDonald’s on Carefree Highway behind CVS ever open? A well-known developer finished the infrastructure and paid the impact fees. He was repaid by another franchisee who says they will open early next year. As a guy who loves Egg McMuffins, I hope it is sooner.

Speaking of breakfasts have you tried the Summit Diner in the Summit Shopping Center? They have breakfast all day of every imaginable kind. My favorite is Eggs Benedict with turkey, soft boiled egg, avocado and hollandaise sauce. They have an extensive menu and many money saving options. Our advertisement for them has money saving coupons, for instance and it is only ten minutes from the town core. I have tried to convince the owner to list the Southwest Eggs Benedict they had at the Cave Creek Coffee Company when they were open. That is English muffins, soft boiled egg, lox and hollandaise sauce. Wow!