JUNE 3, 2015

Scottsdale General Plan: What's new?

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After much work, discussion, and 32 meetings, the Task Force completed its mission and its recommended draft General Plan 2035 was released publicly in November 2014.

This recommended Plan is being brought forward for review by the public, including the city’s Boards and Commissions and community groups. All comments on this draft will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and City Council for their consideration.

The Planning Commission will continue discussions on the draft at the June 10 meeting. The City Council will discuss the plan at a study session June 9. All meetings start at 5 p.m. in the City Hall Kiva, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd.   
SGP 2035 - Refresher
Scottsdale General Plan 2035 is a state-mandated update to Scottsdale’s General Plan - a document that guides how the city will evolve over the next 20 years. It is a process that will be accomplished with extensive opportunities for community participation and involvement.
Scottsdale was one of the first Arizona cities to create a General Plan to guide its physical development. Today, all Arizona cities are required by state law to have a General Plan. The current General Plan was ratified by voters in 2002. State law requires that cities the size of Scottsdale update their plans and send them to the voters for ratification every 10 years.
Scottsdale’s last attempt to update the General Plan, in 2012, was not ratified by the voters. Subsequently, the 2001 General Plan remains in effect until a new General Plan is adopted and ratified.

What's in the Plan?
Scottsdale's draft General Plan 2035 is comprised of eight chapters that include 22 elements – 17 state mandated elements and five community created elements.

The draft Plan proposes the incorporation of two new state mandated elements, and two new community-created elements in addition to the remaining state mandated and community created elements from the 2001 General Plan.

Though new content has been added, the Task Force updated and retained the majority of the 2001 General Plan goals, policies and maps in the Scottsdale General Plan 2035.

Upcoming Board and Commission Presentations
Staff will present and discuss the draft General Plan 2035 with city boards, commissions and community groups through October.  All meetings are open to the public.  The current schedule is below.

(Board/Commission; Elements to be Discussed; Meeting Date)

Center for Performing Arts Advisory Board; Arts, Culture, & Creative Community; June 2

Human Relations Commission; Community Involvement; Healthy Community; June 8

SMoCA Advisory Board; Arts, Culture, & Creative Community; June 9

Tourism Development Commission; Economic Vitality; Arts, Culture, & Creative Community, June 16

Tourism Advisory Task Force; Economic Vitality; Arts, Culture, & Creative Community; June 17

Library Board; Public Services and Facilities; Recreation; June 17

Development Review Board; Character and Design; Arts, culture, & Creative Community; June 18

Transportation Commission; Circulation; Bicycling; June 18

Historic Preservation Commission; Arts, culture, & Creative Community; Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization; Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment; July 2

Parks & Recreation; Open Space; Healthy Community; Recreation; Aug. 19

Neighborhood Advisory Commission; Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment; Housing; Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization; Aug. 26

For up-to-date SGP 2035 information, or to arrange a presentation or meeting with staff, call 480-312-3111, send them an email, or visit the General Plan website.

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