JUNE 3, 2015

State Library statewide program to help prevent “summer slide”

June 1st start tracking your summer reading journey

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PHOENIX – Libraries all over the state are participating in the State Library’s summer reading program. Reading at least 20 minutes a day keeps the brain exercised and helps prevent “summer slide” or the loss of reading skills during summer break.

“Summer reading is for all ages. In fact, it is important for children to see their parents and adult role models reading,” said Secretary of State Michele Reagan, whose office manages the State Library. “My mom had my brother and I compete, and never has there been another summer where I read with such intensity. You may change the contest parameters to fit your family by having Adults v. Kids, Cousin v. Cousin or Friend v. Friend.”

If going to the library doesn’t fit into your schedule, many libraries have free eBook lending programs. Read books on your tablet, smart phone or eReader applications.

Tracking the number of books read can be done online as well. Last year, more than 118,000 summer reading program participants read nearly 1 million hours.

Check out the services and programs offered by your local library today!

Statewide Summer Reading is supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Public libraries, schools, and Read On Arizona, a collaboration of state agencies and private organizations, have partnered to promote summer reading in Arizona.