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May 27 – June 3, 2015


For All Signs: Mercury, ancient messenger god, is unusually busy throughout this week.  This suggests that most of us will be preoccupied with communication of one form or another.  There may be many phone calls, messages, letters, quick conversations, rapid decisions, and/or papers to write.  The complication is that Mercury is retrograde at present.  Beware of the tendency to jump to conclusions or take action before all the facts are clear.  Remind yourself of how the old "gossip" game is played and don't take what you hear very seriously until you have found a second, reliable source.  The probability is high that after Mercury changes directions (June 11), you will rethink any plans that are made now.  Beware of committing resources until you are certain.

Aries:  It appears you are pressed during this period to correct or re-do some previously repaired mechanical problem.  This could be associated with your car or any high-tech equipment.  Back up everything!

Taurus: Events of this week trigger your sense of compassion and draw you into the need to assist in the healing of another.  As you live into this experience, you will discover that having compassion also heals you.  Your spirit is lifted.  Don’t ignore the call.

Gemini:  This is not the time to display your work or your goals.  You may not be feeling your best and that makes it hard to present things in the finest possible light.  You need some extra rest during this period.  Beware the temptation to step into a grand savior role now.

Cancer:  You have the opportunity to offer consolation and compassion to people in your family.  One or two from the past may seek your attention and you likely will choose to be your cordial self.  Your dreaming mind is active at this time and gives suggestions when you need them.

Leo:  You may be surprised to discover something about yourself or your money/debts that you have been avoiding.  We are all in denial sometimes.  Don’t waste time on a guilt trip.  Now that you know, it is time to face the facts and collect the threads of a solution.

Virgo:  This looks like a week in which you really want to say your piece, but you have a sense that would be a bad idea.  This is correct if you feel so upset that you can’t present your case with a clear rationale.  If you organize your thoughts and present them without hesitation, you could accomplish an improvement.

Libra:   This is not your best week for romance and social life.  You may be in circumstances that cause you to feel as though you must be pretentious concerning your feelings.  Possibly you are not even really clear yourself about just what your needs are in these relationships.  It's a low period that will pass in a few days.

Scorpio:  It is of paramount importance that you control your mouth this week.  Although you have an opinion about whatever is happening, let it go and say nothing unless asked for it.  Being "right" is not as important as maintaining human relations.  Later you can take action to correct what you perceive is wrong, but now you will be challenged to a fight.

Sagittarius:  Life is still moving in slow motion.  Sometimes waiting and going through the motions of “fetching wood, carrying water,” is a really positive thing.  You need for others to change their minds and it is a slow process.  Meanwhile you can make small steps in your desired direction.

Capricorn:  Relationships continue to be stressful, although it appears the worst is over for now.  It is important to allow change and growth on both sides rather than hanging onto what is familiar.  Don't jump to conclusions or make problems bigger than they really are.

Aquarius:  People from the past, including former lovers, may seek your attention during the next 2 weeks.  Chat or maybe have dinner if you like.  Don’t turn this into an expectation of a long-lasting or meaningful relationship, lest you be disappointed.  It is possible that your cool reception will disappoint the Other but you cannot pretend feelings you do not have.

Pisces:  Something unnoticed related to your home or property may suddenly break through your consciousness as in need of repair.  It may be in the pipes or related to water.  Do not make a major property purchase this week.  If not “physical” property, you may discover that your relationship to a family member is not what you thought.  Either way, repair is necessary.

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