Twinkie black market crashed

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MULLETT OVER BY JAMES WHITEBurmese pythons have invaded regions of Florida. Specimens as long as 15 feet have been found in the Sunshine State. “Expert” guesses as to the current population of those scaly invaders range from 4,000 to 100,000. Zoologists acknowledge that there is no known methodology that can reliably estimate the number of Python molurus bivittatus crawling and hunting inside state borders. A 15 foot python can easily kill most humans.

A Swedish director hopes to release his movie Amblancé by the year 2020. I mention this movie because it is intended to be 720 hours (30 days) long when completed. The “trailer” is to be one hour and 12 minutes.

A minor league baseball team in Portland (Maine) has scheduled at least one game in August when the team will wear uniforms inspired by the Chewbacca character from Star Wars.

Shortly after Hostess ceased making Twinkies in 2012, Twinkie hoarders sold the must-have treats to some “desperates” for as much as $60 per box. The Twinkie black market crashed when the freshly baked cream-filled delights returned to stores in 2013.

World-wide, farmers and ranchers produce more tons of both fish and poultry than tons of beef. One factor in this data could be that 6.8 pounds of protein is required to produce one pound of beef. On a similar scale, only 1.7 pounds are needed to produce one pound of poultry and 1.1 pounds of protein can produce one pound of ichthyoid (fish) for human consumption.

Several breeds of dogs possess a sense of smell that is at least 100,000 times more acute than that of the average human. Some amazing canines have been trained to hunt upwind and can still detect drugs, explosives, escapees from 3 miles away.

Bubbles were fun to chase when I was a child. At family gatherings, I often open one of those plastic bottles and flail a bubble-wand. I still chase and laugh amongst others blessed with immature brains. Bubbles are actually very complex features of nature. A Boston University professor: “I could teach an entire course on bubbles.” New technology called supercavitation is used to create vapor bubbles in front of torpedo heads; enabling torpedoes to zip along at 230 mph. One variety of computer bit is composed of bubbles and can be utilized as logic gates, whatever those are. Well, bubble up some happy and have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at