Guest Editorial

BY JOHN TRAYNOR  |  MAY 20, 2015

Scared, almost speechless

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john traynorThere is some very scary crap going o.n in this world, but the scariest to me is what is going on here, in America. We used to be the sanctuary from that scary stuff, the bastion of last resort. How quickly generations forget, or is it they never learned? Week after week, as I read your publication and assimilate information from other credible and even non-credible news outlets, it is clear to me that several dark forces are coming together at the weakest time in modern American history. We are facing a Perfect Storm, one which is hell-bent on destroying the fabric of American culture. Blaine Keith, like other veterans and true Americans across the country, is 100 percent correct. We have to do something very, very soon.

Here’s the storm warning: we have a national race–baiting campaign being waged by the President of the United States and his surrogates at the [In-]Justice Department. We have an all-out assault on Judeo-Christian ideals and freedoms which were the original foundation of our nation. In fact that assault is being waged against all religious beliefs other than Muslim, which we are constantly reminded is the religion of peace and love, beheading innocents aside. Our loopy-brained, liberal educated activists fail to acknowledge the pure evil of that atrocity while crying out against lethal injection for convicted inmates comfortably situated on death row for decades while tens of millions of tax-payer money are spent on appeals. We have a growing population of illegal immigrants who are being granted more and more social benefits, eroding our economic fiber every single day. We are fostering a society of fatherless households that obtain more income per baby, yet place no responsibility on either the absent father or the ever-producing mothers. At the same instant, and from the typically hypocritical liberal perspective, the federal government demands employer insurance plans pay for female contraceptives. We are becoming a minority society that blames the law for the failures of the offenders and then condones the violence produced by rabble-rousers as just indignation. The agitators travel from city to city inciting hate and molding a victim mentality, on top of entrenched entitlements, then dine and have a sleep over at the White House – all on your dime.

This all comes at a time when relations with the waking bear in Russia are deteriorating, and he is flexing his regional muscle. The Saudi’s disrespect us in public while covertly funding terrorism behind our back, of which we are aware. The puppet republic of North Korea threatens our movie industry. America is fast becoming a nation of low intellect consumers instead of high intellect producers. Being a consumer nation will not improve anyone’s standard of living. Industrial jobs, once the backbone of American prosperity and society, have almost entirely fled to China, a traditional communist enemy, while we allow corporations that sponsor them to skirt American taxes. Yes the tax system is broken, but many notable companies that take advantage of those breaks do us no service, your 401K portfolio aside. You might have their new watch, or their pad – doesn’t matter. Every dollar we spend on those goods tears us down another notch. Boy, those new walking/running shoes are comfortable. It appears that conscience does have a price in modern day America.

About 30 years ago I heard an IBM guest speaker at an executive conference for the Property/Casualty Insurance industry speak about the end of the Industrial Society and the dawn of the information Age as if it were the next coming (sorry if you are offended by the religious reference - NOT). Well, it seems to have arrived to the detriment of an increasingly dependent American society. Are we lost? Not yet but time is running out, faster and faster, for the generation that built the nation and defended it. It often seems that the post-cold war generations are more about ideals than ideas and ethics. I asked a 21 year old college senior, mooching at home for the summer, what he thought about the NFL New England Patriots and Tom Brady Deflate-gate situation. His answer, it’s all BS, the other team (Indianapolis Colts) would have lost anyway. I guess it doesn’t matter to him if it was cheating, because the other guys didn’t stand a chance. I sincerely hope he is never on the wrong side of an ethical dilemma.

John Traynor is a member of the current Carefree Town Council.