Hillary; a mime with a Saul Alinsky brain

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steele coddingtonHillary's attack termites are on the loose again. They crawl out of their outhouse defending or disguising the dangerous implications of their candidate's dual political personality. Her scary past radicalism concealed or glazed over with tolerated far left rhetoric is a guaranteed certainty that spells disaster for America. If elected president, her subversive agenda featuring failed ideology and the incompetence of collectivism will itself go down into the garbage can of history, carrying with it the economic, political and constitutional principles of America that have preserved the Rule of Law and our sacred values for over 200 years of unmatched individual freedom.

Her fatally misguided toadies support and obfuscate the issues she champions to facilitate a radical take-over that will sweep America's way of life into the inevitable poverty of government control. Their calculated strategy is to combat criticism and debate with slander and worn-out clichés to marginalize the truth. Most Americans are still fooled and believe the same old insidious lies concocted before to defend Hillary and her gross failure to understand or accept America's heritage. We've heard their attacks poisoning debate - "Right Wing conspiracy," or "Not a shred of evidence," the up-chuck from slimy "I did not have sex with that woman" Bill. Or, "It's old news," peddled by biased, deviant Republicans, sex maniacs, alcoholic predators or racist misogynist pigs. Take your pick!

And those lies become journalism felonies when reiterated by an increasingly butt-kissing major media whose favorite trick is to "back burner" derogatory Hillary news. Bury it on page 15 or pooh-pooh it as "unconfirmed" or invented by Rush Limbaugh. At least Joseph Goebbels didn't disguise his Ministry of Propaganda in Nazi Germany. One of his first major acts was to burn books as an Aryan purifying process. An act closely akin to current American news organizations "burning" the truth by simply not reporting it or anything damaging to Clinton. U.S. news sources have been the propaganda arm of Obama, but now regularly raise their little salute of obeisance to their new "Commissarina." Disturbingly, her reform America program is an even more radical, "Fundamental Transformation" than the Obama farewell kiss to individual freedom. And that's why you aren't getting any disclosures of how radical, calculating and destructive her Saul Alinsku agenda is!

So why is Hillary-the-Alinsky-acolyte so dangerous? Because his objective was to subvert the U.S. and its capitalist economic and political systems, not by force but by gradual installation of programs that ultimately mandate government control over every aspect of life. Start with Healthcare/Obamacare. Sorry, you're already controlled on that score. Raise the level of Poverty so government can provide victims with benefits, food stamps they never want to give up because they're free. Spend money excessively to increase the Debt which justifies more taxes. Divide people through Class Warfare by promoting distribution of wealth, stressing inequality and unfairness. Control Education at the national level so it's easier to brain-wash the kids. Sounds like a conversation with Hillary. Wait until you hear more on illegal Amnesty, failed foreign policy, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, Huma Abedin connection, and more.

Good grief, no wonder the country is in the grip of depression - Obamagate, and the return of a Clinton. Thank goodness for my ancient talking conservative mare, Queenie and her views reflecting the wisdom of the ages. She is the mayor of the barnyard and really knows who perverts America with programs and agendas packaged in methane and manure. Read her latest best-seller book, "Hillary and crimes against the Republic," the story of a monumentally misguided gas bag!