MAY 13, 2015

Free and Equal to sponsor LPEX 2015, the Libertarian Political Expo in Las Vegas May 28 – 31

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada – The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-partisan organization, whose mission is to create open and transparent elections through education, is pleased to announce their sponsorship at LPEX 2015.

LPEX, the Libertarian Political Expo, is a major non-partisan conference created to connect people, organizations, technology, and ideas. LPEX provides vital leadership training in the form of workshops, panelists, and speakers. LPEX takes place at the Tropicana Las Vegas May 28 – 31 in Las Vegas, NV. Currently there are more than 30 organizations and companies involved.

“Free and Equal is ecstatic to see people from across the political spectrum, from libertarians to greens to independents, organizing at LPEX to discuss the much needed tools to make our world a better place. We are truly excited to participate in the first event of its kind and look forward to helping political activists get organized.”

- Christina Tobin Founder and Chair, Free and Equal Elections Foundation.  

There are currently over 40 speakers, trainers and, panelists. Some of the participants include Nevada Secretary of State, Nevada State Controller, Nevada State Treasurer, and members from the Senate and Assembly. Visit for a full list.

LPEX has secured some of the top political activist trainers in the country including American Majority, Turning Point USA, Pacific Legal Foundation, The Leadership Institute, and Nevada Policy Research Institute. Please visit to view some of the workshops. Free and Equal has been invited to join these workshops in the future which will focus on inspiring people to vote, run for office and become engaged in the electoral process.
For more information visit

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