MAY 6, 2015

Fire danger elevated in urban interface areas

SFD urges special caution, care to protect homes

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wildfire signEven though rains poured in Scottsdale Sunday evening, wild fire danger and the upcoming wildfire season is still a concern for fire officials.  Signs noting Danger Levels were elevated to “High” this past week in north Scottsdale.   The dry, hot conditions and available fuels (desert grasses and weeds) have increased the concern of potential wildfires.

These signs are placed throughout the northern part of the city to keep residents informed of potential threats.

1) West bound Shea at approximately 134 St
2) North bound Pima and the Loop 101
3) Pinnacle Peak and Church
4) West bound Dynamite and approximately 140th
5) West bound Cave Creek and Desert Mountain
6) East bound Dynamite and Scottsdale
7) South bound Scottsdale Road and Carefree Highway

Home and Property owners are urged to take steps to reduce their risk by following a few simple guidelines:

• Consistently monitor and manage the fuel loads in the Defensible Space areas for maximum fire prevention.
• Remove flash fuels such as dead grass (Do NOT remove live native plants from Natural Area Open Space (NAOS) without fire department or city approval.
• Trim trees within the 30-ft Defensible Space so the canopy is not touching the ground; remove any buildup of dead branches or leaves.
• Trim grass and foliage around trees and separate the tree canopies from touching the structure (5-ft to 10-ft).
• Keep gutters, eaves and roof clear of leaves and other debris.
• Do not stack wood or other flammable materials with in the 30-ft Defensible Space.
• Keep a rolled up garden hose with a nozzle attached to an outside hose valve connection.
• No smoking allowed in NAOS.

For more information about how to keep property protected, visit

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