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steele coddingtonThere are three recent books that describe America with much of its warts and beauty. Each is a masterpiece in the tender but realistic revelations that define segments of our evolving history. I've recommended two of these books recently, Charles Krauthammer's incredible "Things that Matter," and Sharyl Attkisson's scary Obama expose, "Stonewalled." Now, a third book that every citizen needs to digest, Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Patton." It will constitute a reawakening for slumbering America, graphically recapturing the horrible realities of World War II. It may be a prophetic projection of the dangers that face the perilous weakness of incompetent or nonexistent leadership plaguing us today.

O'Reilly's book is a critical exposure of the kind needed to shake up self indulgent, spoiled, gimme-minded Americans who have no idea that disaster is always just around the corner. It presents two major Realities that should serve as critical warnings and examples of why we need goodness, bravery, participation and strength to prevent and contain the barbarism spreading throughout the world today. Without America's involvement and influence in the world today, the history recorded in O'Reilly's book is an alarming prologue. The two Realities we refer to - the Holocaust and Bastogne - hell and hope!

The book is difficult to put down as it reveals little known aspects of General Patton along with the known bravery of the incomparable general and his armies. But the "hell" is the accompanying portrayal of the Holocaust that nearly wiped the Jews from the earth. It is searing in the detail most people have not been exposed to. Nazi barbarism, concentration camps and the inhumanity supposedly ended as the Russian army pushed into Germany. Not so! The Russians were, and are, just as cruel, as despicable animals as the Nazis in their dealings with the Jewish survivors. A tale of a cruel world! And a must wake-up call of the danger that will plague America if it sits happy with incompetent dupes, anti-Semites and subversive political leaders.

The "hope" part of the equation is the demonstration of the bravery of Americans at Bastogne. Americans' true courage is hopefully still in their hearts with the will to resist the evil of radical regimes promoting alien agendas, change by stealth, false treaties and incompetent progressives trying to "fundamentally transform" what has been one of civilization's greatest shining lights. The book's section on the Battle of Bastogne is an epic that portrays where America's spirit really is. In that place, the troops of the 101st Airborne, against fierce German attacks, out-gunned, and out-manned, stood their ground. When the Germans asked the 101st's leader, General Anthony McAuliffe to surrender or be wiped out by forces five times their number, McAuliffe sent them a simple answer - "Nuts." Asked what it meant, the Germans were told "go to hell!"

What's the point of telling you this? On the basis of editorials and ethical reporting in the few newspapers still publishing the truth (like "Investors Business Daily," "Wall Street Journal" or Fox TV News) Americans are hungering for the spirit of Bastogne to replace the incompetent, jellyfish strategies that amount to cave-ins, surrenders and compromise to our current terrorist enemies. The Iran "deal" will go down in history as a prophetic warning that whenever evil isn't confronted or resisted with powerful constraint, it will devour you. We are at a modern day Bastogne and its time to say "nuts" to our enemies and our wishy-washy Jello leadership. O'Reilly's book is a dynamic way to rediscover your country and the real world.