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Federal lynching of Sheriff Joe

Republicans were stupid and totally wrong for not filing for impeachment against Obama. While they fiddle he is destroying America. As I said last week, if he signs an executive order to legalize millions of illegals and then pardons them, we will be a one party nation.

A good example of the dictatorship in Washington is the vengeful treatment of the toughest sheriff in America. Joe Arpaio represents the country with the best law enforcement in spite of the difficulty the nearby porous border presents. We have received countless letters from other states wishing they had Sheriff Joe.

So now he is being persecuted by the feds because he is enforcing the law. The feds seem to miss the fact Arpaio was elected six times to the Maricopa County sheriff’s Office with record approvals.

I have personal experience with his “Crime suppression sweeps” and never once saw any evidence of illegal actions of any kind. In fact, I once made him aware of two restaurants harboring illegal aliens and his answer was, “Give me evidence from someone who works there and we will consider it.”

But we know racist Barack Obama and his racist former Attorney General, Eric Holder are not amused by Attorney Larry Klaymen and Arpaio’s lawsuit.

Right after Obama gave his executive order to “protect” five million illegals, Klayman and Arpaio filed a federal suit to block the executive order on Constitutional grounds. Unfortunately the case went before Obama appointee Judge Beryl A. Howell of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. She was voted into the position in 2010 when the Democrats controlled the Senate. Beryl dismissed the suit based on standing. Klayman immediately appealed.

If the appeal fails let’s hope the Supreme Court will hear the case on Constitutional grounds.

The usual liberal wing, ACLU and other activists are involved in the federal lawsuit against Joe.

The dream of activist illegals is to get rid of Sheriff Joe; they have been on that mission for years. Now they have the heavy hand of the Obama administration to give them the winning position, at least so far. These same activists believe and preach the Southwest belongs to them, we stole it and they will take it back. They are currently arguing that their prodigious birth rate will eventually give them the votes they need. In their minds eliminating Joe will remove a major obstacle. And now they have the administration furthering their goals. Joe is one of the few law enforcement leaders who are doing the job they were elected to do.

Of course, locally the Arizona Republic (AR) is salivating over the destruction of Joe. There are headlines every day about the court hearings which are heavily weighted against Joe. Liberal spear chucker Ed Montini could barely contain his glee reporting or better yet “eding” in his usual east coast style against the sheriff. Cartoonist Benson’s over the top offerings are so disgusting I never even glance at them; I am sure he wouldn’t miss the chance to denigrate Joe. I think the AR coined the phrase “MIGRANT” because use of the proper term “illegal alien” it isn’t politically correct (PC) so they coined an incorrect word.

I am surprised Joe’s attorneys haven’t used the defense that Judge Snow legislated from the bench by declaring he can’t profile. The fact is law enforcement would be sadly handcuffed it they couldn’t profile. If you are looking for an illegal alien when 20 million are hiding here, you know what they do and go where they are. We know the feds have for decades refused to follow the law – if they are here illegally, they are to be deported. Even now, with the next election over a year away, Republican’s are kissing Hispanic behinds to get their vote. It seems to me their platform should be serious border closing and massive deportation. Do any of the current presidential candidates have the gonads to do that? Or are they all dreaming the dream Hispanics will settle for a Republican vote? Maybe 10 percent will, but the majority is wedded to the Democrats.

Joe’s lawsuit is mercurial with changes every court day. He is being threatened with massive fines not only for him, but his officers as well. Liberals are hoping he will be thrown in jail.

The court and their administration allies are a disgrace!

Please help Joe, contribute if you can, but rally to show the court your votes count and you chose him because he was doing the job the administration won’t do. In fact the administration is doing the opposite. It is Obama and his staff that should be in court.

Sign the Conservative Action Fund "Stand with Sheriff Joe" Pledge of Support, and chip in $5, $20, or even $35, so we can make a substantial contribution toward Sheriff Joe's legal defense.