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April 29 – May 5, 2015


For All Signs: Saturn and Uranus are in a moderately tense aspect. This is like two tectonic plates that want/need the same space. Each of us is struggling with a pull between the need for change, making the break for freedom, and our desire to maintain worldly security. The ideal solution is one that generates a creative alteration without totally annihilating stability. If you are feeling this energy, be aware it is not simply a phase or a mood. It is a message to be taken seriously and handled consciously. Search for ways to make changes intentionally or they will sneak in the back door and take you by surprise.

Aries: There are times that you have a sharp tongue and this week you may want to lash out quickly.  Be careful of where you aim that weapon.  Authority figures, older people, and teachers may not be forgiving.  Give attention to vehicle complaints.  You may have big car trouble if you don't.

Taurus: It may be difficult to find common ground with partners, authorities, or significant others in your life during this period.  You have a desire to express yourself and the "other" seems to be recalcitrant.  Don't turn this into a power play or long term resentment.  That will not be good for your health.  Tone down your anger a notch or two and say your piece.  Then let it go.

Gemini: You want to challenge the rules or the authorities and this is not the time to expect success, regardless of the topic.  You will be blocked, no matter which way you present your desired outcome.  Save yourself the trouble and settle your mind for the present.  An opportunity will present itself later, at a better time.

Cancer: There is a lot of chatter all around you.  Some of it may be disturbing to your sense of comfort.  Friends or family may be squabbling.  Don't buy into it or worry overmuch.  The dust will settle soon and whatever the event, it will be over in a few days' time.

Leo: It is possible that the efforts of the last several months are set on display for others to see.  You are welcomed as royalty.  Beware the tendency to get carried away with your grandeur.  You might make promises that you can’t deliver or spend resources that you don’t have.

Virgo: You may encounter some unpleasant news this week related to family, home or career.  Double check the veracity of any “fact” that comes your way.  It is likely to be presented as a bigger drama than it really is.  There may even be a liar in the bushes.  That is especially a danger if money is involved.

Libra:  Debts owed to you become irritants in that it requires considerable energy to seek payment.  You may even think it isn’t worth the emotional energy to try.  If possible, set the issue aside until you are in a calmer place.  Then it won’t seem such a challenge to do what you must do.

Scorpio:  You may be feeling lonely or somehow distant from those around you during this period.  Your partner, clientele, and significant others seem to be focused on themselves without consideration for your needs.  The cosmic design suggests this is a time for you to be your own best friend right now.

Sagittarius:  This is a good news, bad news week.  Interests concerning the Internet, the law, or education are favored.  However, you and significant others are not having the best of communications right now.  You may be in the mood to nit-pick others.  Probably you will feel generally better if you work alone.

Capricorn:  You come upon information that is hard to swallow this week.  It probably concerns factors related to your work or daily routine.  You may be pressured to adopt some type of high-tech equipment that can help you manage your life better.  Dependency on a gadget is not what you envisioned for yourself.

Aquarius:  The pressure is on for you to open your mind and allow new information to replace some of the old.  You feel almost like a traitor who has abandoned his task to maintain, above all costs.  However, if you are to progress forward, you will have to somehow allow changes to happen around you.

Pisces:  New media or a renewed form of communication will bring refreshment to your daily life.  Aspects favor adding a roommate or visiting with siblings and neighbors.  Short trips could be revitalizing.  Your creativity is strong at this time, particularly in the areas of the oral or written word.

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