APRIL 29, 2015

Baby season has started at Southwest Wildlife!

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5 coyote babiesSCOTTSDALE – When coyote puppies begin to arrive by the box full we know that baby season is in full swing! A farmer plowing a field discovered a coyote den and kindly put the puppies in a box, hoping that mom would return for them. She was nearby, but when a day passed and they were still there, he knew they needed help. We received these five furry, squealing little coyotes and quickly began feeding and caring for these youngsters.

They are very little, but growing stronger each day. They have already began vocalizing through little yips, growls, and barks. One of the large female pups is even trying to howl! Although she still has a lot of work to do to perfect her howl!

These babies opened their eyes last Friday (at 14 days) so today they're 20 days old. They have graduated from a syringe to a baby bottle and have gone from fussy, difficult babies to fat and happy puppies. They have tiny teeth now. Their ears don't look like they're quite open yet and they are just beginning to respond to noises.

baby coyoteA puppy pen for them to play in was set up so they could stretch their legs and rough house a bit. There is a sheet draped inside the pen so there aren't any drafts and they can't get stuck in the wires. The playing doesn't last long after they have had their mid-day meal. They crash and don't budge for a few hours. They're growing so fast it must be exhausting!

We thank the man who gave these pups a second chance at life. He knew to try and reunite the pups with their mother first. When she did not show up, he did the right thing and contacted us. 

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