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If you aren’t frightened by what this administration is doing you are reading the mass media, not the few conservative newspapers like this one, Fox News and the Washington Times. Even they are not telling the Obama story as it exists and in its entirety. It is all about Political Correctness (PC) and the fear of being labeled racist.

Are you really aware of the importance of stopping the executive order on immigration? The constant political talk about comprehensive immigration is flawed because no one explains what they mean. The fact is the current law is fine as it is, but is not and has not been enforced. If current law were enforced such a new law would not be needed. However, except for border protection and adherence to the law, especially removing illegal aliens or jailing them if they have broken our laws, we need to reduce legal immigration by those who will never accept our culture. Sharia law is already rearing its head, for example.

Congress needs to get serious about vetting applicants for courts. Look at what Federal Judge G. Murray Snow is trying to do to do to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his employees for doing their jobs. It is clearly harassment, likely ordered from the White House.

bil canfield editoriak cartoon
If Obama gets his way and imports millions of Democrat voters, forget about a two-party system. We will be ruled by a liberal party that has little regard for a culture that was the best in history.

Yes, we were exceptional America. Now, we are rapidly becoming third world disgust.

Both foreign policy and American policy has slid into the sewer. Obama is so gutless, so far left and likely a Muslim. Most media, which ignore his lies and incompetence, are literally guilty of treason, while they pile garbage on any Republican candidate for office.

Republicans have a terrific group of presidential candidates although I still believe two good candidates are, like Obama, not natural born citizens – they are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Yes I am a birther and Obama lacks the credentials to be president. The national media has allowed Obama to get away with hiding his background by legal action and they have not covered all of the damaging information in plain sight just because he is black, or chooses to say he is black although he is a mulatto (not PC, but true!)

Even though it is early, I still believe no one has the creds owned by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He has done it all in a blue state and is a hard rock conservative. He is certainly going to be national media’s target for destruction, but I believe the best qualified. Senators have a bad reputation; look at Obama. Any governor, if successful as a governor, has a much better chance to succeed as president, and history proves that.

And forget about Jeb Bush. Even his mother said enough Bushes have been president. This Bush is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, the term that has never been defined. But it smells like open borders to me. As Governor of Florida, he has signed the liberal denial of drilling in the gulf except in deep water which resulted in the worse oil disaster on record. He is about as Conservative as John McCain, a RINO at best.

Hillary Clinton’s try for president will likely set new records in funds raised.

Her plan is to raise $3 billion, while the amount raised for Obama and Romney together was $2.1 billon. Of course she believes she can buy the election. After seeing a jerk like Obama elected anything is possible, but I can’t imagine she can shake off all the dirt she has been in and done or didn’t do.

There is a fear in the conservative community that Obama will not only sign an executive order to allow millions of illegals into our country, but may pardon them as well to tie the hands of the next president. Republicans need to get a legal arsenal ready and elect a tough president.

Local “advertiser”
A Carefree artist came in and told me the infamous Magic Bird had promised 100 artists would display at their last Carefree “show” while there were only five.

Rather than pay for advertisements, Magic Bird papered the windows of our post office with their fables. I asked Postmaster Ron Rodriguez what the rules were. He said no “for profit” entities could put their ads anywhere on federal property, while typically non-profits seek approval. He does allow lost dog notices and obituaries. I have noticed many Creekers pull down Magic Bird signs, tear them up and put them in the post office trash. I managed to find a flyer, dropped it off for Ron and suggested he call them and tell them, “no, not here.”

Cave Creek had problems when they were allowed to put their white tents up here and in the good old days they had to have council approval. Of course, the birds ignored the town code and set up their trash anyway. So they became persona non-grata and moved their crap to Carefree. I could write a book about those two (Roberta and Lester Rechlin). So, if you see their posters on post office windows rip them down and tear them up. Everybody except Carefree knows white tents offer to reduce prices if you pay in cash, so forget about sales tax.

That was Cave Creek’s experience.